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Warning: There will be mild-spoilers below.

This Friday, audiences will get to experience the horror film Don't Breathe, which has already gained amazing reviews from popular critic sites. There's even been talk on whether the film will be the best horror film of the year. The suspense-filled movie marks the second rodeo from director, Fede Alvarez of 2013's remake, Evil Dead. Though the film is new, here are three reasons why it will be an instant hit for fans of the horror genre.

1. Seriously, Don't Breathe

As you could tell from the trailer, three burglars decide to rob the wrong guy: A blind military veteran, who's dealing with the loss of a child. With that in your notes, "The Blind Guy", (because that's his name) doesn't take things lightly after discovering his house has been infiltrated. When things turn from him trying to get rid of the crooks to murdering them, you discover he isn't so much the "victim" of the film. Just know that he's quick and can hear the faintest creak from the next room.

So answer this strange question: Have you ever walked home late at night, trying not to make much sound so you could hear the environment that surrounds you? The dark, gloomy distance in front of you as you walk beneath the only lights that somehow flickers on that particular night? Well, take a breath now because what this movie brings would make you stop chewing your popcorn just to hear what's coming next. Let's just say, this guy has a background and he knows his environment very well. One false move and he's there staring directly at you. A step in the wrong place and he's after you. So, with someone who's accustomed to the silence and darkness, the best option would be to stay put and just.. Don't.. Breathe. For all audiences, stay silent in your seats and seriously, don't breathe or he just might hear you.

2. A Silent Killer's Agenda

When Fede Alvarez brought Evil Dead, audiences were able to witness a possessed killer who would laugh and mock her victims. This time, he took the goriness down a notch and brought front a subtle, silent killer. What may seem like an intense moment for the victims, Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minnette), and Money (Daniel Zovatto), is nothing more than a discreet encounter for the troubled veteran. You won't hear a long dialogue from him, just his silence before his choice of punishment, and if you haven't noticed by now, he's furthest from the good guy in this story.

So imagine you've made it home safe and sound. You're watching television, when a horror flick comes on again. This time, it's a classic with a walking resurrected killer donning a hockey mask. Yeah, the guy who doesn't speak while removing limbs from his latest victim. Well, the way this killer in Don't Breathe takes on the responsibility of removing his intruders is a tad unorthodox. You won't see what's about to happen next. You will understand why he doesn't allow them to leave or why he doesn't call the police. Where you see the trio trying to break open a bolted door is where you'll learn all that is needed behind The Blind Guy's reasons for killing. That is where you'd like to keep your mouth shut — for obvious reasons later in the film and to be able to keep your food down, because nothing's scarier than what he plans for Levy's character after his sudden misfortune.

3. Formula Of A Memorable Villain

The Blind Guy has a certain tenacity about him that differentiates him from other villains. Well, the obvious being that he lacks the most prominent of senses that most famous villains still use: The ability to see. What he lacks, he makes up for with his other four senses. It's evident his hearing is incredible, but his smell is also heightened such that he can pinpoint where a foreign object is. Along with his military capabilities and lack of morality, this makes him one fellow who hasn't got much to lose.

Now imagine the lights are out. You are ready to sleep, but after the blood-rushing night you've encountered, you're lying awake among the night creaks from your wooden floor and the hollow knocks against the next room's wall. It's incredibly silent and such sounds are new to your ears. Well, not for this guy. What you may have just witnessed across the screen, he has already found or is on his way. The sound of a door opening has him already exploring the room. After he discovers the breach to his "secret room", he takes no male prisoners alive — every villain has his or her reasons. The Blind Guy takes no chances in allowing anyone to expose what he has hidden underneath his home. His actions are far from comfortable, but that's what makes him memorable and I'm sure fans of the genre will soon agree.

So would you take this advice and not breathe during those speechless moments, or try to guess the agenda behind this silent killer, who could turn out to be a memorable villain? It doesn't just have the formula of a horror film, it has the essences of a suspenseful thriller that will keep you on the brink of your seat. Go see for yourself when Don't Breathe opens in theaters on August 26.

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