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Whatever happened to Amanda Bynes? It seems like only yesterday she was making us laugh as a quirky pre-teen on The Amanda Show, and then making us worry as a troubled young adult in the tabloids. She quit acting for good after Easy A, and — after a handful of scandals — slowly but surely withdrew from the spotlight. Six months ago, she showed off her new haircut to her Twitter followers, and then disappeared once again. Until...

She's back! And seems to be doing great. Gone are the days of hurling bongs out apartment windows and attacking fans in night clubs. Now the 30-year-old former child star is studying hard at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA, and seems to be thriving there.

We're glad to hear it!

Bynes first enrolled at FIDM Irvine back in 2014, but didn't have such an easy time. She was asked to take a leave of absence shortly before her hospitalization in October 2014.

Amanda Bynes in Easy A
Amanda Bynes in Easy A

Hopefully this burst of info means she'll be doling out more regular updates in the future, but either way, we're glad she's focusing on her studies. Keep up the good work, Amanda!

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You're welcome.

[Source: Amanda Bynes via Twitter]


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