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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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Britney a.k.a Godney is showering blessings upon us, her humble fans. This week alone, we're seeing Britney's new album, Glory being released, and her highly anticipated Carpool Karaoke episode aired tonight. That's not all though, it has been confirmed that there will be a Britney Lifetime movie. Yep, you read that correctly. Asylum Entertainment is producing the Britney epic, which is creatively going to be Christened Britney. The movie is set to be released next year with shooting starting next month.

The movie is set to document Britney's childhood, career highs and lows, relationships and marriages and of course, the infamous meltdown.

So, Who's Britney, Bitch?

Natasha Bassett of Hail, Caesar fame is set to star as the pop princess, and we're expecting a lot from her. An all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza is what we're really after, peppered with high impact emotion. All eyes are certainly on her, in the centre of the ring, just like a circus!

She's got the same big Disney eyes as Brits, but they're definitely going to have to crack the peroxide out. There are no hints just yet as to who will play the men of her life. We're just hoping the double denim, Justin Timberlake ensemble is featured:

Denim dreams right there. We absolutely cannot wait to see the movie and we pray that they do Britney justice, otherwise there shall be hell to pay. Asylum Productions, all eyes are on you.

So that's Britney crossed off the lifetime movie list, but we have so many other diva stories we'd love to see on the big screen. Here is just a selection of the movies we'd love to see.

1. Cher: 'If I Could Turn Back Tioooome'

We truly believe this would be wonderful. Yes, there was the documentary Dear Mom, Love Cher, but we want a huge blow-out budget with every wig you can imagine, kind of movie. Cher's story spans so many decades, we'd have the flare fabulous 70s and her marriage to Sonny, to the leather clad 80s, moving on to her work as an actress and then Believe and beyond.

There's lots of emotion to be had, with the story of her son Chad, becoming one of Hollywood's openly trans stars. Cher is so out-spoken and sassy, the script would be wonderful. Plus the soundtrack would be insanely good.

2. Amanda Bynes 'What A Girl Needs'

We would love to see Amanda's tale of how she became America's sweetheart before it tragically all came tumbling down. The Disney star was the rom-com movie princess in the early 00's, which would make for some great 00's fashion faux pas moments.

We've been waiting for her comeback since 2010 following a very public breakdown. Just imagine a gritty look at how Hollywood takes in these young, impressionable women and spits them out again, all set to an absolutely pop-coma inducing soundtrack.

3. Rihanna: 'Rude Girl'

As one of the world's biggest stars, not only in music but for fashion too, a RiRi biopic would be oh so stylish. Bad Girl RiRi's story would have to be only for older eyes though, with domestic violence, drug use and explicit sexual tones, this movie is definitely not for innocent eyes. This flick would pack a whole load of attitude, and they'll have to have the sexiest of actresses on board to fill these Manolo Blahnik shoes.

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4. Mariah Carey: 'All Up In My George Foreman'

Remember this? Arguably one of the finest piece of cinema to ever grace our screens. Basically, we're looking for Glitter but better.

A story of the ultimate diva's rise to fame, her interesting choice of husbands and so much sass it could kill you. You'd have to have all of her greatest hits and the actress playing Mariah would definitely have to channel all of that star quality into the role. We would definitely love to see the feuds between Mariah, Whitney and J-Lo too.

5. Tom Cruise: 'Mission Improbable'

He acts and he sings. Now this is a movie that would have absolutely everything in, a veritable 'Cocktail' of delights. From his amazing back catalogue of films, to his hardcore beliefs. It would arguably centre around his marriage with Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri, with a nod to his past marriage to Nicole Kidman. That classic tale as old as time, wannabe Priest turned Hollywood stud is just what audiences are looking for. The movie could definitely draw on his claim that Scientology cured him of his dyslexia, a modern day miracle movie. Of course, there would be the added bonus of Oprah starring as herself in the celebrated 'Cruise on the couch' moment.

If there is some cinematic god up above, then all of these biopics will become a reality. For now, we will have to wait patiently for 'Britney' to hit our screens, fingers crossed it's as good as we want it to be.

Which celebrity's life would you love to see as a movie?


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