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Warning: Hello, friend. You probably know why you're here, but if you don't, then let me remind you that this article contains major spoilers from Season 2, Episode 8 of Mr. Robot. If you haven't caught up then I'd advise you return to the previous page. I trust you.

With very few episodes of its second season left, Mr. Robot has begun picking up the pace and the latest episode saw one of the biggest moments that the series has delivered thus far. The episode is also momentous as it marks the first episode of the series to not include Rami Malek's Elliot or Christian Slater's Mr. Robot. Instead, we got a plot heavy episode that focused on Darlene, Cisco and Fsociety as they hack the FBI.

However, despite how careful they are online, the group slipped up as E-Corp's Susan returned home and found the team in her house. We also got brief glimpses of Angela and Dom whose agendas seem to be going nowhere. Things took a dark turn for many of the key players in the show, so let's take a look at several things that you possibly missed during "eps2.6_succ3ss0r.p12."

1. Correlation Between Fsociety's Inception And Downfall

The episode began with a flashback that saw Darlene meet Trenton and Mobley. This scene was used in direct correlation to the events of the episode which saw Fsociety begin to crumble. Not only did Darlene murder Susan to protect their secret, the gang appear to be under surveillance — they believe it to be the FBI, but we also know that the Dark Army appears to want the members of Fsociety. If this is the case, perhaps it is the Dark Army that is responsible for Romero's murder.

At the beginning, the Fsociety gang appeared friendly with each other, but in comparison to the present day events, they appear to be getting on each other's nerves — they are realizing the magnitude of what they have done and now they are facing the consequences of their actions.

2. Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Angela took part in the 4th of July karaoke celebrations and sang a haunting version of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World." The song choice was perfect because it is true — everybody does want to rule the world, at least in Mr. Robot's universe anyway.

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We have E-Corp on one hand who are the largest conglomerate in the world — the employees would literally do anything to hold on to their cash. Fsociety profess to be cleansing the world, but they've started a cult now and one can't help but notice their apparent God-like status and the hacker team have acquired a large group of followers around the world. Angela wants to be powerful also, as does Phillip. The show revolves around the power associated with being powerful.

3. The Dark Army Have Access To The Femtocell

The end of the episode saw Darlene come to the realization that Cisco only invited her over because the Dark Amy requested it. It's also interesting because the conversation between Dark Amy and Cisco saw the Dark Army mention the Femtocell that they gave Fsociety several weeks ago. Fsociety used it to hack the FBI, but this means that the Dark Amy also have access to this information.

"Good job with the femtocell, the back door is in play."

The Dark Army appear to be ruthless and they could do bad things with the FBI data. Dominique expressed interest in pursuing the Dark Army several weeks ago, but it appeared that her boss wasn't interested in listening to what she had to say. The Dark Army are much worse than Fsociety — the FBI had better watch out.

4. The FBI Have 16 Suspects

When Fsociety intercepted the FBI's conference call about Operation Berenstain they overheard some of the members talking about how they have 16 suspects for the 5/9 attack. They also mentioned that one of them is dead — this is probably Romero. I'm interested in finding out who the other fifteen members are.

The fact that Trenton and Mobley appear to be being followed leads me to believe that this is related to this information, but I could be entirely wrong. Elliot, Angela, Darlene and perhaps Tyrell Wellick could be suspects, but who else is there?

5. Mr. Robot Being Clever

I could be totally wrong about this, but I couldn't help but notice that moments before we discovered that Cisco was spying on Fsociety for the Dark Army, Mobley walks down a street and a truck passes by with the word "Sysco" on it.

Perhaps this was totally accidental but Mr. Robot is an intelligent show and I highly doubt that this wasn't on purpose. Moreover, the fact that Mobley is worried about being followed when this truck passes him perhaps suggests that Cisco plays a bigger role than we know.

Watching "Mr. Robot" is very stressful.
Watching "Mr. Robot" is very stressful.

There is a lot more in play and that means there is a lot more to lose as Mr. Robot heads toward the end of its second season. Who would have thought that Mr. Robot could survive without Elliot for a week? But it did. Carly Chaikin did a terrific job leading the episode and it certainly highlights why Darlene should get more screen time in future episodes. With Elliot getting out of prison next week, the real game can begin, but will he find out what Darlene did in his absence? Also, will they ever find Tyrell Wellick. All this and more next week. Until then, friend.

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