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Special Effects Makeup Artist

A little over a year ago, I was an aspiring Special Effects Makeup artist starting out trying to find new avenues to showcase my work. Sure, I had Instagram and Facebook, but I just wasn't reaching the people I wanted to. I had a great product that I knew people would love, but getting it out there was tough.

Then, out of the blue, I was approached by a member of who had seen my stuff on Instagram and thought that I should share it with their readers. At the time I thought Creators isn't going to be able to help me much — it's not really what their readers would want to see, right?

Wrong! How, so very, wrong I was. I wrote an article (as best I could), included pics of my work, outlined how I created such effects and pressed publish. Within a week I had over 3,000 followers. After two weeks I was receiving job enquiries and in the third week, UK newspapers called for interviews.

And by the fourth week?? My work went viral in over 40 different countries across the world.

AGC SFX across the world
AGC SFX across the world

Since then, I've been encouraged to push myself and try new techniques with makeup, I like to shock my followers and fans — that's right: I have followers, I have my own fans — thousands of them!

With this surge of interest, praise and commendation, I have truly been able to soar. The ability to describe the confidence and self belief Creators has given me is beyond any descriptive power that I posses.

My work has become far more graphic, more detailed and more disturbing! I've come a long way from when I first began and really, thanks to Creators, I owe them my internet fame.

To make life even more amazing, the Creators team knew I was a keen gamer. Not only did they send me to Gamescom in Germany, they allowed me to take my makeup kit with me and apply gruesome gore and zombie bites to the gamers of the world to showcase my work.

With great success! I was surrounded by cosplayers, Call of Duty zombies and VIP passes that got me straight to the front of the game line!

Here I am applying my own makeup at Gamescom before I am let loose on the crowd!

Gamescom is just another level. Thank you Creators and always remember, if you have a passion, a hobby or even a dream — follow your heart and you can succeed.

Creators is a great platform to help you catapult your career in areas you literally only dream of.

Catch up with me on Instagram @absgc and Facebook AGC SFX Makeup and find out what else I get up to!

Try your hand at making your own zombie makeup with the tutorial video below:

Which of these gore effects do you like best?


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