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We've all seen it. Hundreds of Bat-cosplayers flooding the floors of our local comic conventions. And it comes to no surprise either, with the character being DC's most iconic figure in their universe filled to the brim with powerful superheroes. Now, in our time, there's a Guinness World Record for just about any random achievement you could conjure up. Most recently, a record has been obtained for the "most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit" by a Mr. Julian Checkley. The Ireland native managed to impressively stuff 23 gadgets onto his costume.

Looks like he means Bat-business!
Looks like he means Bat-business!

Every contraption Checkley included in his Batsuit actually works! It perfectly blends with the actual look of his costume. Check it out in the video posted on the Guinness World Records' official YouTube channel:

Here's a "short" list of the utilities included in the suit:

  • Fireball shooter [Sure! That's not dangerous at all!]
  • Two-way radio
  • Gauntlet video screens [x2]
  • Cowl respirator
  • Grapnel gun
  • Strobe stun gun
  • Batsignal projector [Looks like he ignored Superman's warning]
  • Smoke bombs (x2) [To remind you that he's a ninja]
  • Bat-tracking beacon
  • UV lamp

Also Included:

  • Folding batarang
  • Pneumatic tranquilizer gun
  • Ultrasonic anti-dog device [I wonder how Ace feels about this]
  • Bat shurikens [Because again — he's a ninja!]
  • Ball bearing grenades [For that earth-shattering KABOOM!]
  • Gauntlet flashlight
  • Medical kit
  • Battery pack
  • Laser designator [For that pesky Catwoman. Something she'll enjoy]
  • Bat-cam
  • Gas dispenser
  • Bat flask [For, uh, justice?]
  • Concealed laryngeal microphone [Take that Christian Bale's Batman voice!]

Checkley is also not one to be underestimated. He strikes an imposing figure, towering over you at 6 feet and 10 inches [208cm]. The Bat-Ears are said to make a difference in the height. Here's a little peek into the process of making the suit, which is based on the Bruce Wayne outfit from the Batman: Arkham Origins videogame, as it is all reported by the official Guinness World Record website. It was first 3D printed, then molded and cast in a flexible urethane rubber. The parts are trimmed, detailed and finally painted, before being placed on a "specially designed" undersuit. It is then applied to his bodycast and the Irishman is then ready to fight crime on the vicious streets of Gotham City. Watch out, Ben Affleck!

How does Checkley compare to the rest of the Batman actors who have donned the cape and cowl in the video below?

Which superhero would you most like to cosplay?


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