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At this point, it would be strange if a day went by and Ryan Murphy's team didn't release a new teaser trailer for Season Six of American Horror Story. Here we are again, with yet another promo that seems only vaguely connected to the previous 19 teasers.

The 20th trailer — titled 'The Lesson' — features six children sitting at school desks in a cornfield, throwing out some major Children of the Corn vibes. As the 15 second clip rolls out, each of the creepy kids bang their fists in unison before turning their eyes upwards at the end, possibly towards some kind of intergalactic visitor.

What Does It All Mean?

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Attempts to analyse how the trailer could reveal the theme to Season Six may prove potentially fruitless. After all, FX director John Landgraf has already revealed that only one of the new teasers will actually be related the show, explaining that the marketing team...

"...went out and created many more trailers than you've actually seen for hypothetical seasons of American Horror Story, in different genres, different places. One of them is accurate, and the others are all misdirects."

This GIF will never get old. [Via FX]
This GIF will never get old. [Via FX]

Whether you find this approach more frustrating than Jessica Lange's departure from the show or you're still intrigued by American Horror Story's deliberately misleading campaign, it's hard to deny that Murphy and his team have succeeded in getting people to talk about AHS more than they ever have before.

Does The Lesson Provide Any Real Clues About Season Six?

Murphy's already hinted that children will play a prominent role in upcoming episodes and the skyward gaze at the end of the promo supports theories that aliens will feature heavily too. However, there's one huge problem with this.

Only one of the teasers is supposed to be genuine, yet aliens, cornfields and children have appeared in quite a few of the 20 promos. Unless Landgraf is deliberately misdirecting us here, any common themes threaded through the teaser trailers are the ones that should actually be discounted.

If that's the case, then the real trailer should be one that stands alone from the rest and doesn't share any commonalities with the others at all. This line of reasoning has led some insightful fans online to develop a new theory that suggests teaser #12, Blind Date, could hold the key to finally unlocking the theme for Season Six.

What's Blind Date About?

The twelfth teaser always stood out as somewhat unusual - While the majority of the clips released have featured children, aliens and freaky things coming out of people's mouths, Blind Date follows a blond actress who's pulled into water by some bizarre sea creature.

As the woman screams "I have to get back to my sorority," in a delightfully camp way, one can't help but assume that this particular clip has been shot on a film set. The entire teaser screams vintage Hollywood, from the blond bombshell look and the classical music to the clear homage to The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

How Does Blind Date Reveal The Season Six Theme?

Via the American Horror Story Official FB page.
Via the American Horror Story Official FB page.

Out of the 20 clips released so far, Blind Date is the only one that hearkens back to the classic era of Hollywood horror. But upon closer inspection, it quickly becomes apparent that most of the other trailers also pay homage to iconic movies.

From the Children of the Corn vibe of the latest promo to the clear Nosferatu reference in the meta clip called The Shadow, the majority of the teasers have clear links to legendary horror movies. One image in particular suggests that there could even be direct links between American Horror Story and The Woods, connecting the Blair Witch mythology with Ryan Murphy's anthology series.

What if each of the clips we've seen so far were produced as potential Hollywood projects within the story of Season Six, while the real horror occurs behind the scenes on set? It's hard to deny how rife the cinematic references are throughout each of the 20 promos. It wouldn't be much of a stretch then to imagine that Blind Date is the one that ties these 'misdirects' together to create a movie theme that revolves around a haunted set.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

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Whether you agree that Blind Date sounds like the genuine article or not, FX have included the trailer in a sweepstake that's narrowed down the 20 potential teasers to just six, suggesting that the theory still holds potential.

The six clips featured in the sweepstake are Post Op, Lullaby, Wind Chimes, The Shadow, Blind Date, and Camp Site. If you feel that Season Six will revolve around a Hollywood theme too, then you can vote for Blind Date in the sweepstake here, and then come back to watch some of the most disturbing American Horror Story scenes we've seen so far in the clip below.

Do you think that Season Six will be American Horror Story: Hollywood? Which teaser is the real one? Let us know in the comments section below and then check back on September 14 to see if you were right after the first episode premieres!

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