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It may still be a few years away, but anticipation for The Flash movie is ramping up. The Flash's brief cameos in Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, not to mention his wise-cracking in the Justice League trailer, have proved that this version of Barry Allen will live up to his comic book legacy.

As with every eagerly awaited superhero movie, rumors about the plot of The Flash are running rampant throughout the internet highways, especially those concerning the villains of the piece. The Flash has some of the most interesting villains in DC Comics, second only to Batman in his expansive rogues gallery.

The Rogues in the New 52 [DC]
The Rogues in the New 52 [DC]

And although this collection of reprobates is diverse, the villains can usually be divided into two groups: Speedsters or Rogues. The speedsters are superpowered people who, like Barry, possess super speed, either by harnessing the Speedforce or by other means (such as the drug Velocity 9). The Rogues, on the other hand, are a group of thieves and criminals, united by their common enemy of the Flash.

With The Flash TV show adding villain after villain for Season 3, many fans are wondering how the movie version will keep the story fresh. And it looks like Warner Brothers may have struck gold with their choice of antagonists.

Rogues Ravage Central City

The latest rumor comes to us from Heroic Hollywood, whose editor in chief is claiming that the villains for The Flash will be none other than the Rogues themselves.

Meet the Rogues [DC]
Meet the Rogues [DC]

In a new video on his Periscope feed, Umberto Gonzales (known as El Mayimbe), dropped this revelation:

"The Rogues are going to be the villains — plural — for 'The Flash' movie."

He went on to clarify that one of the Rogues would indeed be Captain Cold, the fan favorite of the gang. Cold's popularity is thanks in a large part to Wentworth Miller's portrayal of the villain-turned-antihero in the TV show The Flash and later Legends of Tomorrow.

Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart [The CW]
Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart [The CW]

So what's the veracity of this rumor? Until Warner Brothers makes an official comment, this is still hearsay, but Gonzales does claim to have a source within The Flash production. Of course, with Captain Boomerang appearing in Suicide Squad, Warner Brothers already have a way to tie these films together — if the Rogues really are the villains, Boomerang could rejoin his old gang.

Or perhaps The Flash will feature the Rogues teaming up for the first time: Flash's cameo in Suicide Squad suggested that this was the first time Captain Boomerang turned up in Central City.

Captain Boomerang appeared in 'Suicide Squad' [DC]
Captain Boomerang appeared in 'Suicide Squad' [DC]

Then there's the fact that using the Rogues would make a lot of sense for The Flash movie, especially in regards to striking out from the TV show.

The Original Villain Team

A staple of the Flash comics since the Silver Age, the Rogues gained quick popularity among fans because of the unique characters that made up the team. Forget the Suicide Squad: The Rogues were the original team of larger-than-life criminals, and their fascinating dynamic made them interesting to read about. Despite shifting loyalties and headstrong egos, the Rogues were nonetheless bound together with a strict code of conduct, enforced by their leader — Captain Cold a.k.a. Leonard Snart.

Snart leads the Rogues [DC]
Snart leads the Rogues [DC]

With rules against taking up another team-mate's mantle, and high standards for accepting new members into the group, the Rogues rarely committed a crime without the rest of the team. This made them engaging and almost sympathetic, especially with their rule against killing unless totally necessary. Banding together made them difficult adversaries for the Flash, as the Rogues used their combined powers and skills to frequently best the speedster hero.

Fans have been waiting for these characters to team up on screen for years now, and while The Flash TV show did develop the characters of Captain Cold, his partner Heatwave, and his sister Golden Glider, the Rogues never really came together in the same way as in the comics. At times it felt as though the show was building up to this — with appearances from the Weather Wizard and Trickster, and occasional team-ups like in the Season 1 episode Rogue Air — but after Cold and Heatwave were recruited into the Legends of Tomorrow, the idea of seeing the Rogues together on The Flash show seemed to be a pipe dream.

And this, above anything else, is why the Rogues are so perfect for The Flash movie.

Setting Itself Apart

When The Flash movie was announced, there were many debates about whether this was necessary as Barry Allen already had his own TV show in a different DC continuity. Grant Gustin's portrayal of the Flash has proved to be very popular among comic book fans and newcomers to the genre, so there's a perceived rivalry already heating up between the show and the new movie.

To step out from the TV series' shadow, The Flash movie needs to set itself apart in a big way, adding something new by taking on a different element of the Flash comics. As the Rogues never quite got it together in the TV show, what better way to do this than to give the fans what they've wanted for years — the Flash going head to head with this popular team of villains.

The Rogues work together to best the Flash [DC]
The Rogues work together to best the Flash [DC]

While Leonard Snart and Mick Rory have proved to be fantastic recurring characters on The Flash — and intriguing wild-card team-mates in Legends of Tomorrow — the main season-arc villains for The Flash TV show have been speedsters. Season 1 saw Reverse Flash play endless mind games with Barry Allen, as Zoom introduced the concept of the multiverse in Season 2, terrorizing two Earths at a time.

With Season 3 adding yet another speedster villain, it may be best for The Flash movie to focus on the other type of Flash antagonists, and double down on the Rogues' origin story. It would be fantastic to see how these reprobates got together, and how they use their exciting array of classic pulp-style abilities to become a genuine threat for Barry Allen.

And who knows, maybe this is the real reason we never got to see the Rogues team up in The Flash TV show: After all, Arrow's version of Suicide Squad was axed before this arc could play out, because Warner Bros. wanted to develop the team for their own movie. Only time will tell, but this little rumor definitely has us excited for The Flash film — bring on the Rogues!

Speedsters or Rogues: Who do you want the Flash to battle in the 2018 movie? Tell us in the comments!

[Source: El Mayimbe on Periscope]


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