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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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It has finally landed, Britney's long-anticipated Carpool Karaoke is here! The legend that is Miss Britney Spears joined James Corden on his drive to work and, naturally, they cracked out a few hits.

Needless to say, social media has erupted with feverish excitement over the momentous occasion:

If you haven't seen it, what on earth have you been up-to? The internet was created for moments like this:

It was everything we wanted it to be, Britney gave us some of her best tunes and Corden sang his little heart out to them. Here are our favorite moments (with some added artistic license):

1. Britney's Exquisite Confusion

Britney wouldn't be Britney if there wasn't a moment of sheer confusion. We're guessing she was briefed about the filming, but her face didn't seem to know what's going on. God love ya, Britney.

2. Hard-Hitting Honesty

For years, I thought Oops I Did It Again was about accidentally breaking hearts. It turns out no-one told Britney the meaning behind the lyrics, a fact she does not try to hide. She was probably too busy getting into that red latex jumpsuit.

3. Oscar Winning Acting

After Corden improvs the speech in the middle of Oops, Britney ran with it and gave it all she had. Turns out all that acting experience gained in Crossroads paid off.

4. Classic Britney


5. Busting Some Moves

When in doubt, do the robot. We sincerely hope Britney and James are now the best of buddies and we'll see them hanging out together, busting these epic moves.

6. Britney Spears a.k.a Anita Dick

Britney confessed a few of her aliases and we enjoy the blatant sexual humor. Anita Dick obviously wins hands down, Alota Warmheart is cute and Chastity Montgomery sounds like a working girl. So if you work in a hotel or restaurant and get a dodgy name over the phone, you never know, it could be Britney.

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7. Naughty Girl Britney

Britney revealed she was spanked or 'paddled' in the first grade. We wonder what she did to deserve that? Imagine being that teacher and knowing that you spanked Britney Spears. The shame.

8. Something Definitely Wore Off

When singing along to Womanizer, Britney seemed to crash and then pull it back all in one lyric. Either that or she was so taken back by Corden's effort.

9. So Yeah, A "Friend" Told Me...

We loved Britney's revelation about a new tickling fetish, that a "friend" told her about. Well as they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

10. Awkward as F**k

Has Britney just realized how much she's getting paid for this or did she remember she left the iron on? The smile is beyond awkward, like the one you use when you have to see your in-laws.

11. Double Trouble

A great throwback to Britney's breakthrough song, and it wouldn't be the same without the slutty schoolgirl outfit and those pigtails that Corden is wearing so very well.

12. Don't Pretend You Didn't Sing Along

Yes Britney, you can hit us again anytime. Wind down your windows and sing loud, sing proud.

13. As Only Britney Can Do It

Don't lie, you tried to do it, several times and it's just not the same. When born, legend has it, the Gods came down and kissed Britney with unearthly talent. The gift of the "Mmmm."

14. It's Corden, Bitch

Of course he had to say it, we would have all said it, heck I would probably let her punch me in the face, just for the story. We have to say Corden was brilliant, singing and dancing along to Britney. He really does have the best job in the world. Brit herself was of course, flawless. What else would you expect?

What did you think about Britney's Carpool?


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