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Happy National Dog Day! Today's a day to celebrate the finest four-legged friends mankind has (sorry cat lovers, it's true), which means we've spent way to much time looking at pictures of cute puppers today. But thankfully we have a new source for great dogs, because Universal Pictures just released the first trailer for director Lasse Hallström's A Dog's Purpose.

The pup-filled family film, based on author W. Bruce Cameron's book of the same name, stars Josh Gad in the cutest role of his career — a dog. Gad voices the canine lead, who's miraculously reincarnated in the body of a new pup whenever he dies. His roles throughout the years change, but in the end his journey looks to illustrate the unique bond between people and their pets.

The movie's sure to feature a heart-warming tale, but really, the most important thing about the trailer is that its filled with cute dogs. So, we're celebrating National Dog Day with a breakdown of the trailer that spotlights Gad's furry transformations.

The Incredible Golden Retriever

Look at that dog go.
Look at that dog go.

Gad begins his life in the '60s as a golden retriever named Bailey, whose days with his owner Ethan are filled with plenty of games and fun. Bailey's a pretty good athlete, reminding us of another favorite movie dog, but sadly no dog lives forever. His death is bound to be the first big tearjerking moment of the movie, but you can't really complain since it's telegraphed in the trailer.

The Fearless German Shepherd

Someone give this dog an award.
Someone give this dog an award.

After Bailey's death, the dog is reincarnated as a german shepherd puppy raised to be a police canine. We expect to see plenty of wacky antics as the dog gets used to its new body — he's now a she — and learns what its like to live with a new owner. Fingers crossed they include some Turner & Hooch-esque comedy bits, but if one thing's for certain its that this cop dog is a goddamn hero.

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The Cutest Corgi Ever

2Cute + 2Be = 4gotten.
2Cute + 2Be = 4gotten.

Following a career of busting crimes and saving lives, Gad's dog is reincarnated yet again as a cute corgi. The breed's seen a recent wave of internet popularity — they're stumpy, silly and perfect for memes — so we aren't surprised to see a corgi pop up in A Dog's Purpose. Quite frankly, this pup will probably be the movie's breakout star because he's the cutest dog of the bunch. As such, his death will be the story's saddest moment.

The Mixed Breed Wonder

An old dog never forgets his tricks.
An old dog never forgets his tricks.

We aren't sure exactly what kind of dog this is, but what looks like the movie's final transformation brings everything full circle as the canine reunites with his original owner, now an old man played by Dennis Quaid. Clearly, the dog still remembers all his old tricks, and the reunion is bound to teach the pet his true purpose. As Gad says in the trailer's close, "If I can get you licking and loving, I have my purpose."

It looks like A Dog's Purpose will hit all the classic elements you'd expect from a family-focused animal movie. You'll laugh at the some dog tricks and you'll cry over multiple dog deaths (why is this movie so morbid?!), but in the end it'll show the real reason why dogs are considered man's best friend. Thankfully the reincarnation element provides something genuinely original for the genre, tying multiple dog stories together for one massive pup-fueled narrative.

A Dog's Purpose hits theaters in on January 27, 2017.


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