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Now that television producers are scouring older series for reboots and films for prequels, there is an opening for spinoffs that could be successful given the right opportunity. With shows like The Originals which spun off from The Vampire Diaries, and all of the Star Trek series and films which spun off from the original Star Trek series, television and movies have proven that spinoffs can be successful in the right hands.

The past has proven that woman-driven television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, and Xena Warrior Princess can succeed, and fans are consistently asking for more. There's always room for other dominant women who can hold their own like these four. Though two are from series that have ended, many characters have been resurrected in the name of entertainment.

1. Illyria, From 'Angel'

Though she only exists because of Fred's death, Illyria proved herself to be a powerful enemy and ally in the final few episodes of Angel's Season 5. A former demon ruler, Illyria lost much of her power in Angel but still managed to do significant damage to the Circle of the Black Thorn. A spin-off show detailing Illyria's return to her former position as an Old One with great power could take viewers into a fantasy world of epic proportions. As a pure-blooded demon, she could wrestle with both the darkness and the goodness within her much as Angel did. And as the comic book, Angel: After the Fall, lets us know Illyria survived the final battle in Not Fade Away, the possibility of her return wouldn't be problematic.

2. Willow, From 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

For years we knew Willow as the uber-intelligent, slightly geeky computer nerd who made up part of the Scooby Gang while dabbling in magic. Working alongside Buffy, she helped to battle the forces of evil...until the day her beloved Tara was stolen from her. Then we saw a very different witch. The easygoing girl with the slight stammer disappeared, replaced by a sorceress who embraced black magic to get revenge against Tara's killers. Suddenly, Willow had more magic than she knew what to do with, and though Giles was able to help her regain control, the scene has been perfectly set for a spin-off series. Like Illyria, Willow would walk a fine line between good and evil, and viewers would watch to see which Willow showed up each week.

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3. Sara/White Canary, From 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow'

Whether it's on Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow, Sara Lance has held her own. She has gone from being an assassin to a legend-in-training. And she is formidable. Even fighting blood lust left over from her resurrection with the help of the Lazarus Pit, Sara continues to show more good than evil. And it's beyond time this woman has her own show. Yes, she's good on Legends of Tomorrow, but she could be an unstoppable force taking center stage as the newest superhero on CW's lineup. Sara has a rich story still left to be told as we have yet to see half of what happened to her in the six years she was gone from Star City. That, along with her extraordinary fighting skills, makes the idea of a spin-off show too perfect to pass up!

4. Jaylah, From 'Star Trek Beyond'

A new character introduced to the Star Trek universe in Star Trek Beyond, Jaylah proved right away she could hold her own. She's lived in isolation aboard a downed Starfleet vessel, hiding out from barbarians who slaughtered her father. Though she wants revenge, she wants to escape the planet that's held her captive even more. Resourceful and witty, Jaylah added a fresh spark to Star Trek Beyond, and since she's been accepted into Starfleet Academy, her own television series could focus on her adjustment to the rules and regulations as well as her determination to retain her heritage and/or find any remaining members of her race. The options are plentiful, and I've no doubt this would make for one incredible series.

Adding these four shows to the television line-up would be a boon to any channel. These ladies already have followings almost as strong as they are. So networks have nothing to lose, and viewers have everything to gain.

What do you say, would you watch one of these shows? Let me know in the comments!


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