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In more recent DCEU news, Suicide Squad director David Ayer thanked fans as he claimed the film had crossed $600 million worldwide despite Box Office Mojo still holding the film's total at around $587 million. That said, Suicide Squad is just setting up to open in Japan very soon and will add to its total. This means the film will even challenge the likes of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice ($872.6 million) by the time their run is over. The more impressive part of this performance is that it's being done while the film currently sits at a 26 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. So the question becomes how is Warner Bros. making this much money despite the horrendous reviews? Well let me explain...

The Marvel Factor

Time is a variable that has treated the DCEU very kindly in some respects. For example, when the MCU was just getting on its feet in 2008 with Iron Man, there really wasn't as much hype around superhero movies as there is today. In a way, Marvel has really helped get people excited about comic book films like no one else ever has. I mean they did come up with the idea to have a cinematic universe instead of separate comic book films didn't they? That said, the DCEU's takeoff was much smoother due to comic book movies already having a solid blockbuster reputation. Although, time has been exceptional nice to DCEU this year as they have dealt with little to no competition from Marvel based on how far apart their release dates have been. BvS was released on March 25 well ahead of the Captain America: Civil War release date of May 6. Same rule applies to Suicide Squad being released on August 5. The point being that the DCEU has been lucky enough to not only put out more material than Marvel this year but has been able to avoid them as well.

Hungry Fans

It's no secret that the DCEU has arrived pretty late in the game compared to the MCU, but that's technically not a bad thing. DC fans have waited basically up to this year to finally get a taste of how their favorite characters will be playing out on the big screen. Which means this hunger is so intense that no matter what a critic will say about the movie, the fans will still go see it due to being deprived for so long. Not to mention it's also refreshing for all comic book fans alike to see some new faces instead of the same old Avengers line up. Part of being human is that we like new stuff. In this case, Warner Bros. is exercising that naturally instinct we all have to the fullest degree.

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Wall-Breaking Concepts

Perhaps the biggest reason for the DCEU's continuous monetary success is that they know how to spark our curiosity. First they brought the idea of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman together on the big screen to life. Then they decided to become the first ones to make a comic book movie that centered completely around villains in the form of Suicide Squad. If neither one of those two ideas spark your interest as a comic book fan then I don't know what will. So despite what the critics may say or what fans may say after the film, it's the concepts that Warner Bros. have come up with that bring them into the theater.

Final Thoughts

To round up my points, the DCEU's success can be added up to three elements in the form of timing, desire, and interest. Having each element working well for Warner Bros. has allowed the DCEU to stay afloat in their ocean of bad reviews. The only question I have is if it's a serum that will continue to work for them down the line? I guess only time will tell!

What do you think? Can the DCEU's success be attributed to other reasons? Let me know in the comments below!


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