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There are a lot of things in this world that give us reason to doubt the existence or non-existence of the paranormal. From strange stories of coincidence that seem too odd to explain to haunted dolls — even film footage showing paranormal activity, this subject has been documented thoroughly.

However, I have found three movie curses or coincidence that are not as well known as others, such as the curse surrounding The Omen. So, here are three movie curses or coincidences that I think are worthy of note.

1. The Conqueror (1956)

John Wayne starred as Genghis Khan
John Wayne starred as Genghis Khan

This movie was released in 1956 and features the legendary actor John Wayne as the infamous Genghis Khan. As you can imagine, this film had its fair share of problems while shooting.

For example, lead actress Susan Hayward was attacked by a black panther and survived. The crew and cast were almost killed by a flash flood, and they were exposed to very high levels of radiation during filming. 91 of the 220 people involved in filming and production of this movie passed away from cancer, which is an astonishing number of people to be afflicted by the same illness.

2. A Confederacy Of Dunces

The lead actor is cursed?
The lead actor is cursed?

A Confederacy of Dunces is a satirical novel by John Kennedy Toole published in 1980. The book was highly lauded by critics and Toole was posthumously awarded a Pulitzer prize, however things got strange when it came to making a movie adaptation.

The unfortunate events are as follows: The lead role of Ignatius J. Reilly was offered to John Belushi, who died soon after accepting the role. Then, the role was offered to John Candy, who accepted but died of a heart attack soon afterwards. Then, the role was offered to Chris Farley, who died of a drug overdose soon after. The role was then given to Harris Milstead, who then also died shortly thereafter.

Where as this might just be a coincidence, I personally wouldn't accept that role, given the fate of the last four actors who agreed to do it! However, Zach Galifianakis would be perfect for the role, but he'd better steer on the side of caution for this one.

3. The Ghost Of Goodnight Lane

This should be more well known
This should be more well known

The story of Ghost of Goodnight Lane is a strange and creepy one.

There is a haunted movie set in Texas owned by the Media World company and this was the setting for the movie Ghost of Goodnight Lane. Paranormal investigators were sent to the location to verify the stories of hauntings, and the investigators confirmed them with evidence of disembodied voices, etc. The investigators had no trouble saying that the stories were true.

The cast and crew were having visions of a male, one production member was slapped, and numerous cast members heard their name being spoken. There were also set pieces being moved during filming. Perhaps filming a movie about a haunted set, on a haunted set was a bit too tongue in cheek.

Well, that is all for this time folks. Let me know of any more curses or coincidences that you know of in the comments section below. I look forwarding to finding out all the facts about them.

Do you have a story from a cursed movie set?

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