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With Vixen coming to DC's Legends of Tomorrow and her second season coming to The CW Seed, what better time than now to look at her history!

So far, we have seen Vixen show up in Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Vixen and Arrow. There is quite a bit to look at as far as her past goes. Ancient totem? Anansi the Spider? Her family? Let's get started!

1. She Dated HIM?

In the Flashpoint story, not only did she date Oliver Queen, they also had a daughter together. Their daughter was killed by Oliver's security team when she tried to assassinate him!

This is an interesting one as it could play a role in The Flash's Flashpoint storyline. Keep an eye out for any possible Easter Eggs on The Flash!

2. So That Is Where Her Totem Came From

For those who haven't seen Vixen, you may not know the background on Vixen's powers. In ancient Africa, a warrior by the name of Tantu asked Anansi the Spider to create a totem that would give its wearer the power of any animal from the animal kingdom, but only if they use the power to defend the innocent. Tantu then used the amulet to defend the village, and as time passed it was passed down through his family. The totem would eventually make it's way to the McCabe family.

With today's Vixen having shown up in Arrow and yesterday's Vixen showing up in Season 2 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, would you like to see the background on her ancient totem? Comment below!

3. Her Family Was Killed By Poachers

Speaking of family, in the original storyline, Vixen's mother was killed by poachers. She was then raised by her father until he too was killed by his half-brother! Talk about a rough upbringing!

4. Her Powers Changed

During Justice League of America Volume 2, Vixen lost her ability to connect with animal kingdom and draw on their powers. She later found that she was able to draw on the powers of those around her. It was later discovered by Superman that when she does so, she would drain their powers from them, not replicate them.

As a result, she was kicked out of the Justice League by Black Canary who later told her to seek help from Zatanna in restoring the properties of her totem. Wouldn't this be cool to see in DC's Legends of Tomorrow or Arrow?

5. Her Grandmother Also Used The Totem

As it was recently revealed by the Executive Producers on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the Vixen we will see in the show is not the same Vixen from Arrow or Vixen. Due to Megalyn Echikunwoke's filming schedule for other projects, they re-cast the role in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, opting instead for Maisie Richardson-Sellers.

We will see Vixen interact with Firestorm, Atom and Black Canary in Vixen's Season 2. Then we get to see the characters interact with her grandmother on DC's Legends of Tomorrow!

In Conclusion

Vixen's history has a few twists and turns. They definitely raise an eyebrow or two. Which fact surprised you the most? Make sure to take the poll below!

If you know of any other facts that may be surprising, please feel free to share in the conversation below!

For more 5 unexpected facts, see here!

Keep an eye out for Vixen Season 2 and Vixen on DC's Legends of Tomorrow!


Which fact surprised you the most?


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