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When I originally heard the news about a remake of Interview with the Vampire (1994) being in the works, I felt that this article was unnecessary. However, when I heard that Jared Leto was being considered for the role of Lestat, I had a change of heart. I have been dying for Jared Leto to play a vampire for years, and Anne Rice's vampire tales are some of my favorites. In college, I took a course that focused on vampires and why we, as a society, are drawn to these characters. The Vampire Lestat was required reading for the course and I always thought that Leto would make a great Lestat. Below are just some of the many reasons why.

1. He Is Ageless

Jared Leto does not seem to age year after year. His skin looks paler now, compared to his Jordan Catalano days, but there isn't much of a difference. Aren't people in their 40s supposed to have far more wrinkles than this? He looks statuesque, which is a trait of Anne Rice vampires. The older a vampire gets, the more pristine his or her skin becomes. Leto's skin looks pretty pristine to me.

2. He Has A Way With Music

Vampires generally possess some sort of gift and music is one of them. Lestat is known to be a gifted musician. He plays the piano beautifully, but the violin is his muse. The talent that comes with playing an instrument or singing is seductive to human ears.

Jared Leto is a talented musician as well. His performances with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, are incredible. Even if you aren't a fan of the music he plays, his audiences look entranced whenever he's on stage. I guarantee that you'll be blown away by his performances.

3. He Loves To Be Eccentric

Jared Leto has a knack for picking roles with eccentric characters. Mr. Nobody (2009), Requiem for a Dream (2000), Girl, Interrupted (1999), and Dallas Buyers Club (2013) all showcase this, and Lestat perfectly fits the type of character Leto loves to play.

Lestat is a bit of an asshole, but not a "crybaby" vampire like Louis. I would say Lestat is the most eccentric vampire in Interview with the Vampire (1994), except for maybe Armand. He uses this trait to his advantage, as it seduces and intrigues unsuspecting victims flawlessly. Instilling fear into people is something that Lestat thrives on. He loves scaring his victims before he decides to kill them or turn them into vampires.

I hope that the rumors are true, and that Jared will be playing Lestat in the reboot of Interview with the Vampire (1994). He looks and fits the role of a vampire perfectly.

How would Leto compare to some of the other vampires in the video below?

Would you like to see Jared Leto take on the role of Lestat? Let me know in the comments below.


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