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Just a few weeks ago, the DCEU appeared to be in jeopardy with the anticipated flop of Suicide Squad. But contrary to expectations, the film is breaking records, and talks for a sequel are already in place. More importantly, Suicide Squad's success has now placed the focus on the upcoming DCEU films, especially Justice League Part One.

Most of that focus is on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, even though there are clues that Cyborg may have a pretty important part to play in the story.

Where will the DCEU pick up from after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Wonder Woman (2017) will premiere earlier in the year before Justice League Part One, but most of it will take place in the past, with a subtle time jump to the present much like how Steve Rogers was reintroduced to the world in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Aside from being able to exclude Wonder Woman from having any direct effect on Justice League Part One, the focal point of Justice League is still quite mysterious. We can assume that the storyline will pick up shortly after the events of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, possibly depicting Superman's instantaneous rise from the grave, after his date with death. One thing we do know for a fact about Justice League Part One is that Steppenwolf of the planet Apokolips will be the main antagonist, confirmed by director Zack Snyder's wife, Deborah Snyder.

Stepphenwolf is bringing the pain to the Justice League with his Parademon army.

B.V.S. Dawn of Justice, Steppenwolf.
B.V.S. Dawn of Justice, Steppenwolf.

However, Steppenwolf's role in the film is quite intriguing due to the mystery behind his introduction. Having only been given one brief glimpse during the post-credits scene of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, wherein he is standing in the middle of the Resurrection Cradle, manipulating three Mother Boxes with his will, we can only make assumptions on what role Steppenwolf will play in the DCEU.

He'll likely become the bridge between New Gods of Apokolips and the rest of the DCEU, but until then, Steppenwolf is probably on a mission to recover his missing Mother Boxes. And learning that Cyborg has assimilated one, Steppenwolf will probably have a problem with that and land on Earth to correct said mistake.

We can assume that Steppenwolf isn't on Earth yet, but when he does arrive, he's going to bring with him a horde of Parademons; Deborah Snyder also confirmed their place in Justice League Part One. However, the seeds of Steppenwolf's mode of manipulation could have already been planted in some existing individuals on Earth.

Will Stepphenwolf turn Cyborg against the Justice League?

As to why Cyborg could be susceptible to manipulation by Steppenwolf stems from Cyborg's origins. In the DCEU, Victor Stone is a Gotham High School football player who wound up in an accident that left him practically dead. Victor's father, Dr. Silas Stone, is a researcher who attempts to use every type of technology and medical treatment available to rejuvenate his son's body, but none prove successful...

Until Dr. Stone gets his hands on a Mother Box. Only then is he able to revive his son, thus birthing Cyborg into creation.

Victor and Silas Stone, B.v.S. Dawn of Justice.
Victor and Silas Stone, B.v.S. Dawn of Justice.

Cyborg's origins were briefly touched on during Dawn of Justice, wherein his transformation from Victor Stone into Cyborg was caught on camera as Dr. Stone used a Mother Box to perform the procedure. The scene cut short of showing Cyborg in his first moments, but we can assume the transition was a bit jarring.

Cyborg's origins could establish the first connection between Earth and elements from the planet, Apokolips.

More importantly, Cyborg's origins could play a major role in the upcoming Justice League Part One if the post-credits scene of Dawn of Justice is any indication of the type of manipulation Steppenwolf is capable of when using the Mother Boxes.

In the scenario of Steppenwolf having complete control over all the Mother Boxes and the robotics that the Mother Boxes inhabit, Cyborg could be one of those robotic constructs susceptible to his manipulation. Turning Cyborg into a potential threat for the Justice League.

Cyborg could even be utilized by Steppenwolf as an infiltrator of sorts. Using the optics from Cyborg's vision to see what the Justice League is up to, Steppenwolf would be able to see what the Justice League has planned. If so, Cyborg probably won't be aware of the potential manipulation until it's too late. At that time, Cyborg will likely find himself attacking some of his Justice League comrades. And to back up the probability of Cyborg turning on his Justice League comrades, a few screenshots within the trailer for Justice League Part One could have already hinted at Cyborg's betrayal.

Within the trailer for Justice League Part One, Flash (Ezra Miller) can be seen in a few select screenshots. In those screenshots, Flash is seen dodging some type of red-colored energy projectile. We can't see who's firing those energy projectiles from that split-second screenshot, but the color of the energy projectile may be the big indicator.

Superman's heat vision or Cyborg's retical beam? You decide.

No other cast member could be responsible for producing that type of attack. Every other relevant character expected to show up during Justice League Part One will feature a wide variety of abilities, but no one (at least, no one we're aware of) could reasonably exhibit an ability identical to the energy projectile seen in the trailer for Justice League.

One could argue that Superman might be responsible for firing his heat vision at Flash, but that seems pretty unlikely after he already fought another Justice League member in Batman v Superman. A more logical possibility is for Cyborg to turn on his Justice League comrades, perhaps due to Steppenwolf gain full control over Cyborg, forcing him to attack the league with an unprecedented measure of force.

Could an uncivil war break out between Justice League members?

For all we know, Justice League Part One may be filled with in-fighting between league members, and Cyborg might just be the tip of the iceberg. There's also the matter of Arthur Curry / Aquaman not advocating membership into the Justice League, which could turn physical.

Either way, it appears as though Cyborg / Victor Stone will have a pivotal role to play in the upcoming Justice League Part One. Whether it is as a loyal league member or as a "hacked" machine bent on destruction of the Justice League, Cyborg is going to leave an impression on the DCEU.

What do you think? Is Cyborg susceptible to Steppenwolf's manipulation, or did Batman v Superman already give us enough heroes fighting heroes?