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I'm a fan of many huge DC crossover events, but there is one that I put high above the rest; Blackest Night. Blackest Night was the first huge comic book event I ever read, and it pretty much helped introduce me to a ton of other DC heroes and comic book titles.

Several DC stories, like Flashpoint and The Dark Knight Returns, have gotten adaptions — but so far, Blackest Night hasn't gotten anything. In fact, since the comic event started in 2009, it hasn't really gotten much attention outside of the comic book world — except for a few mentions in DC animated shows and video games. As a huge fan of the comic, this is pretty disappointing. Luckily, there are some more talented DC fans out there who feel the same way!

YouTuber UltraSargent, known for making fan-made film trailers on his channel, recently created a trailer centering on the Blackest Night storyline. Using footage from Green Lantern, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Flash, and more, UltraSargent managed to create an amazing and pretty convincing trailer. Check it out:

Pretty good, right? While the trailer is obviously made with footage from existing DC movies and shows, it's still put together nicely, and honestly looks like an actual film trailer!

Although the Blackest Night story isn't coming to theaters anytime soon, as this trailer proves, it absolutely should! The Blackest Night saga is perfect film material, and tackling it in the DCEU would be a fantastic decision for Warner Bros.

Before I list off the reasons why a Blackest Night film adaption would be incredible, I should probably explain what the Blackest Night story is all about.

Blackest Night - DC Vs. The Undead!

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

Because comic books tend to feature larger-than-life, nearly immortal superheroes, the concept of death is usually taken to the extreme. We've seen it in Marvel, where Death is a character with serious power in the Marvel Universe. It's the same in DC, where there are actually three or four personifications of death.

One version is known as Nekron, a powerful being who rules over the "Dead Zone". Nekron feeds on the souls and spirits of those who have died, drawing his power from their presence. If that wasn't creepy enough, he also takes the form of a grey skeleton, and carries around a large scythe.

I'm sure he's a really nice guy [Image: DC Comics]
I'm sure he's a really nice guy [Image: DC Comics]

Here's Some More Comic Book Film Goodness For You To Read:

The Blackest Night saga centers around Nekron, the Green Lantern Corps, and the "Blackest Night prophecy". The prophecy, as told by the Guardians of the Universe (not to be confused with "of the Galaxy"), explains that the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps (or Yellow Lanterns) would be joined by five new Corps, each with their own respective emotion and color.

These new Corps were Violet, Red, Indigo, Orange, and Blue, representing love, hate, compassion, greed, and hope respectively. All 7 of the Corps would fight and spark a war that would fulfill the prophecy, bringing a large threat to the DC universe.

The Black Hand [Image: DC Comics]
The Black Hand [Image: DC Comics]

This threat was Nekron, who used his position as Death to create hundreds of powerful rings known as "Black Lantern rings". He would use these rings to resurrect the fallen heroes and villains who died during the Infinite Crisis storyline.

That fellow there licking a skull — which, by the way, is the skull of Bruce Wayne! — is Black Hand, a longtime Green Lantern villain. After killing himself and getting reanimated thanks to the power of the Black Lantern rings, he became the servant of Nekron, leading his undead army to try and take over the DC universe.

There's a lot more to cover with the long and complex Blackest Night storyline, but because I don't want to spoil everything, I'll just leave it there. So, now that I've given you the basics of the Blackest Night storyline, it's time to explain why I think the DCEU needs to adapt it.

The Ultimate Crossover Film Event!

The Lantern Corps [Image: DC Comics]
The Lantern Corps [Image: DC Comics]

I mean, just look at the plot of Blackest Night. A multi-colored Lantern war, a dangerous prophecy, and an army of undead heroes and villains led by the physical embodiment of death? It's an incredible storyline! Not only is it one of DC's biggest events, but Blackest Night also one of their largest crossovers, spanning across almost all main DC titles! Batman, Aquaman, Superman, and more are all affected by the Lantern War and the introduction of the Black Lanterns.

The DCEU is currently setting up a huge crossover film with next year's Justice League, a film which will hopefully live up to expectations. But even though the Justice League movie will include the founding members of DC's super-team, it's not the crossover movie DC needs.

Just look at what Marvel's doing with Avengers: Infinity War. The MCU already gave us The Avengers, a crossover with the same magnitude as the Justice League. Now, with Infinity War, Marvel will be doing a superhero crossover film the likes of which we've never seen before- featuring old and new Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and several more heroes within the MCU facing off against Thanos!

Not the actual poster, but a good representation of how huge the film's cast could be. [Image:]
Not the actual poster, but a good representation of how huge the film's cast could be. [Image:]

DC needs their own huge crossover film, and while Darkseid is a big villain, they may want to consider going in a different direction. Instead of doing something similar to what Marvel is doing with Infinity War, the DCEU should adapt the Blackest Night storyline, and bring us a unique superhero movie experience. One that would not only unite the Justice League once more, but also introduce the Green, Yellow, and other Lantern Corps to the DCEU!

Wouldn't it be incredible to see heroes like Batman, Flash and Green Lantern facing off against an undead army of heroes and villains? Imagine Batman having to fight his old partner, Robin, who we know is dead in the DCEU thanks to a scene in BvS. I get emotional just thinking about a scene like that!

If Warner Bros. adapted the Blackest Night storyline, and it was good, we could get an amazing story arc that could put the DCEU on a lot of people's maps! But that's just my opinion; the opinion of a comic book fan who really, really wants to see Blackest Night come to the big screen. Make it happen DC!

Thanks For Reading! What comic book events do you want to see adapted into a film?


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