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In case you missed it, Ben Affleck recently shared a video on his Facebook which would seem to pretty much confirm that Deathstroke will appear in the DCEU. According to The Wrap, Slade Wilson will in fact be the main antagonist of the upcoming solo Batman film. Just now though, we're going to run through a few fights we've Deathstroke get into.

1) Arkham Origins

The prequel to the mega-hit Arkham Asylum, Origins is arguably not as strong as its forebears. That being said, one of the pre-rendered trailers for the game features an absolutely stunning brawl between the Dark Knight and Deathstroke. I can still remember this teaser building up a massive amount of hype for the game (for obvious reasons), and that might be why the movie version of the suit looks reminiscent of this design.

2) Identity Crisis

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

If you're wondering what a simple Mercenary is (potentially) doing in a Justice League movie, then look no further than Identity Crisis. In this story, Deathstroke is hired to protect Dr Light from the League, and Zatana, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Green Lantern, The Flash (Wally West), Hawkman, The Atom, Elastic Man, AND Green Lantern all show up. Despite the odds, Slade manages to floor every single one of them in a one-against-seven fight, and is only defeated because the Lantern ring turns out to prove harder to take off of Kyle Rainer's hand than expected. So if he does show up to attack super-powered members of the JLA, don't expect him to be a pushover. That being said, he's hardly going to bring down Wonder Woman.

3) Superman #62

Obviously, this fight doesn't last long, but Deathstroke does manage to hide from Superman for a whole second or two. This (very, very brief) fight shows Deathstroke's quick thinking and ingenuity — considering he was testing these skills against Superman, it really does show just how impressive those traits are. Mayhap we'll see a recreation of this moment at some point — probably not in the first Justice League film thanks to Superman's current predicament, but potentially further along in the DCEU.

Want to learn more about Deathstroke's role in the DCEU? We suggest...

4) Robin

Image: Warner Bros. Animation
Image: Warner Bros. Animation

The first appearance of Slade Wilson (in The New Teen Titans #2) showed him and his son, Grant Wilson, take down the whole Teen Titans group. It was here that his infamous relationship with Robin began, with him blaming the Titans for the death of Grant, swearing revenge and beginning a rivalry that is still popular to this day. Possibly the best example was in the Teen Titans show, where Slade messed with Robin in a massively psychological manner, turning him against his team, making him into an assassin, and generally trying to get into his head, to the point where Robin gets PTSD. On a side-note, if you haven't seen that show, you really should check it out.

Wrapping Up...

We'll discover in time exactly what the deal with Deathstroke in the DCEU is. But for now, I just want to ask you what your favorite fight featuring Deathstroke "The Terminator" is. Is it one mentioned already, or have I missed something out?

Whatever you think, feel free to comment it below. Or don't, it's a free world I guess. But definitely comment.


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