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Have vampires ever not been cool? From Dracula to Sesame Street's Count von Count, the blood-sucking day-sleepers have intrigued us for centuries.

Television has proven a great medium for these undying creatures. Their longevity adds to great story arcs and often is an excuse to represent multiple time periods. A few modern representations of vampires in movies has led to some interesting takes on them. One that left a lasting impression on the horror community was the Swedish film Let The Right One In, based on the novel of the same name by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist.

Eli and Oskar in the original 2008 film.
Eli and Oskar in the original 2008 film.

The film got an American remake in 2010, Let Me In, and now TNT has ordered a pilot for a series based on the film. Jeff Davis (Teen Wolf, Criminal Minds) wrote the script which centers around a child vampire (well, in body anyway) and her friendship with a bullied young boy. Not sure if they will sway more toward the book, which gets into greater detail around the sexually ambiguous vampire-child Eli, or if it will be more like the American film remake, which gives Eli a bit more femininity.

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Simon Oakes of Hammer Films was a producer on the remake and will be producing the TNT show, so it seems likely to be the latter. Plus, Sarah Aubrey, EVP of original programming for TNT, says this about the series:

“'Let the Right One In' combines elements of horror, revenge thriller and adolescent romance into an unforgettable and truly unsettling tale.”

"Romance" seems like a stretch from the original film/book but makes sense for a TV setting. People love to see vampire romances. Actually, people just love vampires, really.

With no more Buffy or True Blood, and next season being The Vampire Diaries' last (see Season 8's trailer below), the field is ripe and ready for some, I shouldn't say it but...fresh blood.

Let The Right One In is only one of several new TV vampire projects in development. Here are a few more you may not have heard of:

The Lost Boys

  • Where: The CW
  • When: Sometime in 2017

Based on the premise of the the 1987 film (and hopefully not its sequels), this CW show should prove quite interesting. The show will be helmed by Veronica Mars's quick-witted creator Rob Thomas and has the rather ambitious scope to span seven seasons and 70 years with each season focusing on a different decade. As the vampires of the original The Lost Boys film were very much villains, it will be interesting to see if the show focuses more on the vampires, who would have the capability of remaining unchanged from season to season, or the humans who are protecting themselves from them.

Midnight, Texas

  • Where: NBC
  • When: 2016-17 mid-season premiere expected

Based on a three-book series by True Blood author Charlaine Harris, this series will have vampires...and lots of other mythical creatures. Harris doesn't seem to like to stick to only one kind of dark being. The series is about a town in Texas that serves as a sort of save haven for various kinds of supernatural outsiders.

Forever Boys

This one is a much lighter vampire show. It's at Disney Channel, after all. Here we have a group of boys, conveniently played by boy band Forever In Your Mind, who were turned into vampires in the '50s and are looking to restart their musical careers. It's not like most boy band members don't already look abnormally young and beautiful. I'm picturing something Hannah Montana-like, but hopefully a bit darker. After all, she played music and while hiding a secret identity, too.

Drink, Slay, Love

Ok, so not actually a TV show, but a TV movie. With this cheesy premise, that might be for the better: A teenaged vampire, Pearl (Cierra Ramirez), has a crisis of conscience when, after finally gaining the ability to go out during daylight, she starts attending high school but is expected to deliver her new friends as food for her vampire clan. I anticipate vampiric teen love and maybe a makeover scene when her new girlfriends decide Pearl looks a little too pale.

There will always been fans of the fangs, so it's unsurprising so many vampire-based TV projects are in the works. Not to mention we still have The Originals, The Strain, and one last season of The Vampire Diaries while these news ones are in production.

What TV vampire are you most looking forward to?


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