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Earlier this morning, Ben Affleck had the internet gasping for air after revealing some exciting footage via his Twitter account. Currently the actor/director is in London for the filming of Justice League which is set to drop into theaters later on next year. But it seems as though Affleck was longing to get back behind the camera, as he made the decision to share with us a clip that spoke a thousand words. Check it out below:

I'd say we can rightfully assume that this serves as confirmation of Slade Wilson's existence in the ever growing DCEU. Although it seems pretty plain and simple, there has been a lot of speculation concerning what this could mean for the future of the DCEU. The studio seems to be investing a lot into this character with rumors of him not only appearing in Suicide Squad 2 and Batman's solo film, but also in Justice League. If that's the case, I'd say fans are on board and ready to see the world's baddest mercenary come to life on the big screen. Now let's breakdown this magnificent clip and some of the things that stuck out.

The Batmobile

Yes, you read that right! The Batmobile seems to make an appearance in this unforgettable footage. When the clip begins, we find Deathstroke in an aircraft of some sort (notice the wind blowing the bandana behind his head). But it doesn't seem to be just any aircraft, as we can see what looks to be one of the Bat's many forms of transportation parked quietly behind the mercenary. Did you catch it?

Now if that isn't the Batmobile, then Deathstroke must have taken a page out of Batman's book by getting himself a set of wheels and calling it "The Terminator." You know what? That's actually not a bad idea! But the chances of that being the case are miniscule. Now what could this mean, and why is the Batmobile in an aircraft? Well it's possible the aircraft could be the Justice League's airborne base of operations. Although the Justice League consists of the world's greatest heroes, Deathstroke's capability to go up against them should not be underestimated.

During the events of Infinite Crisis, Slade singlehandedly incapacitated nearly each member of the league. At the time the league consisted of The Flash, Zatanna, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Atom, and Kyle Rayner. Just looking at that bit of comic book history, we shouldn't be too surprised if Deathstroke pops up to take down our favorite group of heroes.

The Teen Titans

In the middle of the clip, Affleck pans over to a cooling system with the words 'Titan Cool' on it. For the record, this is a legit industrial air conditioner. Although air conditioning is one of the best things since sliced bread, that isn't what I found interesting. What caught my eye was the name of the air conditioner itself. The fact that the word "Titan" is in the name, and Ben Affleck just happened to pan over to it, makes me think he was trying to tell us something.

I understand that this is a bit of a reach. But when it comes to comic book movies and reveals for said movies, I don't believe in coincidence. It could just be a nod to the fact that Slade's first appearance was in The New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #2. Or it could be something more, hinting at what's to come. Now if Cyborg is well received in Justice League, I assume his solo film will proceed without hesitation. And what better way to introduce the Titans than through one of its most prominent members?

Deathstroke's Suit

Although the clip is fairly dark, there's just enough light for us to see Deathstroke in all of his glory. The distribution of color looks great, his armor is nicely detailed, and the mask is damn near perfect. All in all, Deathstroke looks as badass as he should. Looking through the evolution of the character, the design seems to have drawn more inspiration from the the video game Arkham Origins than it has from any comic book.

Over the 30 odd years that Deathstroke has existed, many modifications have been made to the character. No version really comes close to the design that we are set to see in the DCEU. However, as long as the colors, weapons, attitude, and the action are all there, I'm sure it'll be hard to disappoint.

Now that we've broken down the clip a bit, what can we say about it? Is it just test footage to show off their design for Deathstroke, or could it be a mid to post credit scene hinting at his arrival? The fact that Ben Affleck showed the clip points more towards Deathstroke appearing in the Batman solo film. With rumors of his involvement in Suicide Squad 2, the Batman solo film, and possibly Justice League, we are likely going to be seeing a lot of this character.

For a guy who has singlehandedly taken down the Justice League, and has been given the task to kill a God, I'd say he deserves all the screen time we can give him. Either way, lots of fans are locked, loaded and ready to go.


Are you excited about Deathstroke's arrival in the DCEU?


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