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Ben Affleck's casting as the legendary vigilante Batman had garnered enough controversy and deliberation to be the subject of its own film. Now, it seems Affleck wants to get comic fans talking again, except this time, in a positive way. On his Instagram and Twitter accounts, Affleck revealed a cryptic video with a seemingly monumental announcement: Deathstroke is coming to the DCCU.

This is, unfortunately, all of the information that has been offered to us at the time and it remains to be seen in what movie Deathstroke will make his debut. Recent reports are indicating that he will appear in Affleck's The Batman, but it is still speculation at this point. The footage shows what is likely a stuntman or body double in the suit, and not the main actor who will portray the mercenary Slade Wilson. I know fans of Arrow would love if Manu Bennett reprised the role of the character he so brilliantly brought to life in the CW drama. Unfortunately, as we saw with the separate casting of The Flash, DC's TV and movie universes will remain separate (for now). While we await casting news on this front, let's look at a list of who should play this iconic villain.

Depending on the movie in which Deathstroke makes his debut and the story they want to tell with him, I have created two lists: one for a veteran Deathstroke and another for a younger version.

Veteran Deathstroke

1. Stephen Lang (64)

Let's face it, look at the guy! If he retires from acting without having played either Deathstroke or Cable, life will have done us an injustice.

2. Clive Owen (51)

With movies such as King Arthur and Shoot 'Em Up on his resume, Owen has already shown his ability to engage in competent swordplay and gun fighting.

3. Jeff Bridges (66)

At this point, I know most would expect a picture of Ron Perlman, especially considering he has voiced the character in Teen Titans. However, I see Perlman much more in a Cable-type role than Deathstroke. Bridges is the overall better actor and is able to portray just as much badass as Perlman, and I just personally feel like Bridges comes off as a reclusive mercenary more than Perlman.

Younger Deathstroke

1. Joe Manganiello (39)

There are a lot of rumors swirling about Manganiello already having taken the Deathstroke mantle. He fits the bill with a strong combination of look, physique, and acting ability.

2. Matt Bomer (38)

Though he is known primarily for his role in the USA drama Suits, Bomer has been somewhat of a Renaissance man. He has had roles in the TV shows Glee, American Horror Story, and Chuck, as well as films like The Magnificent Seven and The Nice Guys. He has shown that he has some decent range and I believe he could extend that range to a well-spoken assassin like Slade Wilson.

3. Jensen Ackles (38)

I still hold strong that the Supernatural star should have been the new Batman. Since that is obviously nothing more than a pipe dream now, I guess Deathstroke would be an acceptable compromise.

Honorable Mention: Matt Damon (45)

Do I think Matt Damon would make a good Deathstroke? Nope. Do we have to maintain the possibility of a Matt Damon involvement with anything Affleck touches? Yup. Let's hope the bromance stays away from the DCCU for now.

While Deathstroke's kill numbers may be a mystery, he still has a long way to go to match some of the other killers in the video below:

Who do you want to see wield the sword and gun in the DCCU?


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