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Reading that Deathstroke could be in Justice League made me jump in the air with joy! Fans of Arrow remember how formidable of challenge he was for Oliver Queen in Season 2. Also, he's one of the few people in DC Comics that actually have a shot going hand-to-hand against Batman.

Deathstroke/Rebirth/DC Comics
Deathstroke/Rebirth/DC Comics

Slade Wilson was created to be a protagonist against the Teen Titans in 1980 by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. He's a fan-favorite and I'm personally excited to see what they'll have in store for him next. OK, let's get right into what his role could be in the upcoming The Batman!

An Older Bruce

I knew Ben Affleck was going to be a great Batman, mainly because of his performance in The Town. Yet, one must wonder why would you go with such an older Batman, and forego years of relationship that he and Superman could have had in the movies. Honestly, there was really only one thing that made sense to me — I believe that they wanted to have Damian Wayne serve as Robin. By having an older Bruce, this would allow Damian to reach an appropriate age to take over the Robin Mantle.

Now, I know that Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck are co-writing the movie together, and they both said that it was going to be basically made from new material. If you're a DC fan, then chances are you've seen the animated movie, Son of Batman.

Y'see, Deathstroke breaks into the League of Assassins headquarters and murders Ra's al Ghul because he was supposed to be the successor to The League — well, until Ra's met Batman of course! So, Talia and Damian runs off to Gotham so Damian could receive protection from his father. Slade wants payback on The League. I really loved this movie, even though it was met with some criticisms from fans.

How It Would Translate To The Big Screen

Son of Batman/DC Comics
Son of Batman/DC Comics

Firstly, there are so many options if they go this route. I'd have Damian be in his mid-twenties, and he's looking for clues about his father until he's confronted by Batman in Gotham. I would ignore the whole Langstrom plot (The League wants Langstrom's Man-Bat Formula), and have Slade already be basically on Mirakuru (sorry, Arrow fans know what I'm talking about!). Or, that could be the nature why they're in Gotham and Damian has followed them trying to win back what's rightfully his. Batman picks them up on his radar and mayhem ensues.

Y'see, Slade has been hunting Damian for a very long time because he's the true heir to Al Ghul's reign. With Damian alive, Slade will always have to watch his back. This would lead to some great dramatic moments and redemption for The Dark Knight after Jason's death.

Can you imagine Bruce being visited by all this madness and all the emotions he'd be feeling towards Jason? That's when someone in a Red Hood strikes the both of them to warn that The League has found them! Yep, Jason is working for Deathstroke, as The League moves their way into Gotham. Also, they could do this a ton of different ways, but I think it'd be twisted to see Jason Todd in this movie.

Slade and Jason both hate Batman for different reasons, and now it's even more emotional because Batman's son is also involved! Lastly, I know this might be a bit too much, but Barbra and Dick could also help out in the fight.


Now, I could be totally wrong, but this has a chance of being plausible. The only thing that makes it less than stellar? There's not that much room for The Joker. I think this would be pretty awesome, and it would be a kind of Batman movie we have never seen from DC Comics! Even if I'm totally wrong, how happy are you that Deathstroke is probably going to be the main villain in The Batman?

Watch Batman and Deathstroke duke it out in the animated video below:

How do you think Deathstroke will be introduced into the DCEU?



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