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San Diego Comic-Con shocked us all with special footage from the Justice League 2017 live action film, which definitely had the promise of greatness. However, that trailer was limited due to the fact that barely any scenes had been filmed and none of the big action set pieces were finished yet.

The Comic-Con footage was the perfect teaser trailer, but the first official trailer needs to deliver a few things to satisfy our thirst for more DC awesomeness...

1. Action

The Comic-Con footage showed us a tiny glimpse of action with Ezra Miller's Flash dodging what appears to be a laser blast, and Wonder Woman clashing her vanguards together like that WONDERful heroine that she is. Still, we do need to see more in the next trailer, such as the Flash taking out enemies a la Faora in Man of Steel:

Like this only....faster.
Like this only....faster.

We want to see Aquaman using his trident to waste bad guys, Cyborg deploying his many weapons and transformations, Batman being his usual self, Wonder Woman doing more of what she was doing in her own movie trailer, etc.

My point is: give us a taste of the action that we all know is going to be amazing!

2. The Villain(s)

Whether Steppenwolf or Deathstroke (or whoever) is the villain of this movie, give us at least one clip of them, because our heroes are going to team against this baddie and we need to see what kind of evil acts they are up to, even if it's just for 10 seconds. Though don't pull a Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and reveal a villain that could have been a great reveal in the movie!

3. Easter Eggs and Tributes

If there is one thing both Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have shown us, it's that the DCEU loves to put in references, tributes, and easter eggs to famous comics and previous film incarnations. Such as the shot of Batman which homaged Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns:

With Justice League, you could bring in so many different references and homages that can get fans to giggle with glee. For example, having the trailer start with the members of the League marching towards the camera like the opening of the Justice League animated series or having similar music to the intro, or whatever. Just little things put in there to please audiences, like these from the Comic-Con trailer:

4. More Aquaman

Don't get me wrong, what we saw of Jason Momoa's Aquaman in the Comic-Con footage was more than spectacular, but unfortunately we still have people claiming that Aquaman sucks as a character when they are 100 percent WRONG! I'd rather not get into the list of reasons why Aquaman is a great character, because then you'd be reading this for days, so all I'll say is that we need more Aquaman footage to really show people how great he is.

5. The Trinity

Can never get over the awesomeness of this shot.
Can never get over the awesomeness of this shot.

I did love how much focus the Comic-Con footage put on the Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman since they need to become as famous as Batman or Superman, but still it felt like Batman and Wonder Woman were barely even there. With the first official trailer, I'd love have a lot more of the Trinity since they are the leaders of the League ... and, yes, that includes at least one glimpse at Henry Cavill's Superman in his black and white suit after rejuvenation. Or at least mention him, since it was his "death" that inspired Batman to change his ways and bring the League together.

So those are the few things I'd like to see in the first official trailer for Justice League. What do you want to see? Sound off in the comments below!


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