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Since Smallville ended in 2011, fans have looked to movies to get their Superman fix. Excerpt for a four-year break between 1997 and 2001, a live action version of Superman has been on our television screens since 1993. With Tyler Hoechlin taking on the iconic role in Supergirl, we'll soon be offered new glimpses of the Man of Steel, but will it be enough to satisfy die-hard fans?

Viewers have long been enthralled with the legacy of Superman, and though Krypton will debut in 2017, its primary focus won't be on the man in red and blue. For that, we need a dedicated Superman, one who graces our screen every week. And I'm guessing this is something producers already know, but is there a series in the works now? And what version of Superman do we want to see now that two of his timelines have been covered?

The Pre-Superman Show-Smallville

When Smallville premiered in 2001, we were eager to see the story of Superman's origins. Of course, we were hoping to see Clark segue to Superman entirely, but, alas, that wasn't to be. Though we received glimpses of what Clark would eventually become, the show focused mostly on Clark Kent's high school years as well as his days at the Daily Planet, but it quenched our thirst for more information about least for the time being.

The Post-Superman Show-Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

In 1993, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman debuted, and though Season 1 was only a moderate success, the series found its stride by Season 3. Viewers were tuning in by the millions, and it was interesting to see how Superman and Clark Kent juggled his daily life while building a relationship with Lois Lane. All of the superhero's powers were on full display in this series, including super-breath, heat vision, x-ray vision, supersonic speed, flight, impermeability and more. This was the quintessential Superman, but the cancellation at the end of Season 4 brought our Superman fix to a grinding halt.

So what is left for one of the most legendary DC superheroes? Though several possibilities remain. two seem most feasible since they've yet to appear on the small screen

Superman: The Family Man

We saw some of Clark Kent's married life in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, but we've never seen Superman living a family life with children. How would this affect his heroics? With children in the mix, villains would have more leverage to use against him which could provide some rocky moments in his marriage. Lois Lane's love could potentially shift when her children are in danger. But such drama could take away from the action that is a large part of who Superman is, thereby turning viewers off. Of course, viewers have always been interested in Superman's relationship with Wonder Woman so adding a superhero wife instead of a reporter could give the show that extra boost it would need to balance the drama.

Fans continue to talk, think, and write about the Man of Steel!

Superman: The Later Years

"When will Superman age?" has been a question for many years. Will he outlive his family? His friends? Will age affect his powers? A series showing a Superman who is still fighting for justice fifty years later could offer interesting insights into the Man of Steel's future. Facing his own mortality and what might happen to the citizens of Metropolis upon his death, Superman could become a conflicted hero, one who feels it's best to back off, to allow Metropolis to learn to live without him. Of course, villains wouldn't be easing up so Superman's hand would be forced. He can't sit back and watch innocent lives being destroyed. With age comes wisdom, and perhaps Superman would have children to pass that along to or maybe even sons and daughters to train to take his place.

Even if neither of these options are something producers would consider, there's no doubt Superman needs to return to television. And by return, I don't mean cameos in Supergirl. Fans need this iconic hero, as well as the familiarity of The Daily Planet, Metropolis, and the vast array of villains who have yet to tangle with Superman on the small screen.

Do you want Superman to return to television? Let me know in the comments below!


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