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Is this a real thing? Well, we don't really know yet. Max has been talking about remaking this seminal film of his dad's (John Landis) for years. Max Landis is an interesting figure. He's a verbose dude and he knows movies.

Update: For better or for worse, looks like it's happening. Thoughts?

But Is It Entirely Necessary?

No. It really isn't. An American Werewolf in London is pretty much a perfect movie. My understanding of rebooting or remaking a film is to try to do something new and improve upon the original. What can be improved upon here? The dialogue is smart, the performances are solid, the cinematography has the drenched, dour feel of the English moors. And then there's that transformation sequence:

Give all of the awards to Rick Baker and crew.

This movie came out the year I was born (yes, I'm old), and there has yet to be a better transformation sequence since, even with all of the CGI thrown around these days.

Is Max Landis Working On This Project? Well...

Who can say? There's really no way to know based on this.

I'm lucky. I got to see An American Werewolf in London on the big screen a couple of years ago in Toronto, and John Landis was there to do a Q&A — awesome experience. If Max Landis does, in fact remake this film, it certainly can't be worse than the 1997 An American Werewolf in Paris, can it? Please, Max, do better than that.

Do you want to see a remake of this flick? What are your thoughts on Max Landis? Hit up the comments below, and let's discuss!


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