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Is it October yet? That is the question that I've been asking myself everyday since The Flash's last episode way back in May. However, I remember feeling disappointed when Barry saved his mother from the Reverse-Flash to end the season. I was kinda upset that it ruined one of the best episodes I've ever seen on television: "Fast Enough."

The Flash/Rebirth/DC Comics
The Flash/Rebirth/DC Comics

So, what did I do this summer? I re-watched all of last season and finally came to the conclusion that Barry still wasn't over his mom's death, and this was vital for Barry becoming the superhero we all know that he's destined to be. Plus, I enjoyed yelling at the television every time Jay (Hunter) was on screen acting all heroic-like. It's actually quite fun — I recommend trying it (only when you're by yourself).

Check out the Comic-Con trailer for Season 3:

Was the second season of The Flash as good as the first? Maybe. Either way, it's one of the most enjoyable shows on television, and the writers have created a world where all things are possible! Here are three reasons we all should be excited to see the Scarlet Speedster back on The CW.

1. The Lackluster Box Office Season

All right, Civil War and Star Trek Beyond were enjoyable — and that's pretty much it. I'm sure there are a few movies that you loved this summer, but these are the only two that really stand out in my mind. Maybe TV has snagged all the talent (probably not)?

I love DC, but Suicide Squad had The Joker as a love interest. I don't care how awesome Harley Quinn was, but by barely having The Joker in the movie felt like a slap in the ol' noggin. Thankfully, we have four shows on The CW that will help remedy that sour taste that DC left in our mouth; especially with The Flash!

2. Other Speedsters (For Real This Time!)

I admit, I really enjoyed Wally West's arc last season. As I sat watching his introduction for the second time, I could see how people were extremely annoyed by his character., but as the season progressed, I thought Wally turned into an empathetic character with a ton of admirable traits. I'm excited to see him do battle against The Rival this October.

Also, rumor has it that Jesse Wells will be donning a costume as well! I would speculate further, but with the impending Flashpoint, I'm not sure how long we can plan on seeing these Speedsters in action. This show is still on The CW, and I'm sure the budgetary-restraints will only have them together in action for only a couple of episodes, but hey, that's enough for me! Lastly, am I the only one to get the New 52's Reverse-Flash vibe from The Rival? Obviously, they can't reuse that name, so?

3. Crossovers

I'm still optimistic that Arrow still has some fight left, and personally, I enjoyed Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow as well! I'm totally nerding out at the thought of Cisco meeting Kara and Clark, that I'm contemplating writing fan-fiction!

Also, we're getting The Legion of Doom on television along with the Justice Society! The other big question involving these crossovers: Will Supergirl stay on a different Earth? The fan in me wants her to join in on all the fun on Earth-Prime, but logically, it makes more sense to have her on her own separate Earth.

I absolutely adore Harrison Wells, and I can't wait to see him interact with all these characters as well! Also, how will Joe react to Supergirl? Do you see what I mean? All of these crossovers just leave me giddy inside! Basically, I can't wait to see the cast of The Flash, joking around with everyone else.


Flashpoint in DC Comics
Flashpoint in DC Comics

I know there are plenty more reasons to watch The Flash, but these three are the best ones I can think of currently. This summer's blockbusters weren't anything special, and I can't wait to see how cool it'd look to see three Speedsters running side-by-side one another. Lastly, we get some of the greatest crossovers television has to offer! Honestly, how can one not feel excited for this upcoming season of The Flash?

Check out the promo for Season 3 of The Flash:

What are you excited for in Season 3 of The Flash?