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Are you afraid of the dark? No? Great!

When horror comes to mind, movies are first to pop up. However, it's no longer 1980 anymore. Over the years, horror TV shows have been increasing a lot, and surprisingly, most of the TV shows are actually brilliantly terrifying.Even with the odds against them, the below shows have proven to give us the jeepers creepers.

5. The Walking Dead

Based on the comic-book featuring a group of people try to survivor a zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead has all the zombies horror your hearts desire! Over the course of 6 seasons, The Walking Dead has shown us how terrifying an apocalypse can be. Not only because of zombies, but also because of what humanity can turn into.

The show can be so suspenseful. It's so nerve racking to see one of the characters just fight for their lives! The deaths can be so graphic and bone chilling! If you don't believe me, then this below should speak for itself.

4. Ghost Adventures

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley investigate the scariest, most notorious, haunted places in the world. Each of the "main characters" have their own distinct personalities. Aaron is the dramatic one, Nick does the experimenting, and Zak leads the investigations. These personalities and the way it blends with the show makes it so enjoyable to watch.

Even if this is only reality TV (and might be fake) the idea behind the show really works. It's so entertaining and creepy. The encounters can be so exciting yet terrifying. All of the elements together are a perfect mixture. If you're a paranormal junkie, this one is for you!

3. Outcast

Another comic adaptation, Outcast is about Kyle Barnes' quest to find out why he's always being possessed by demons. The show is like The Exorcist but on TV! Well not really, but equally horrific! There were some scenes where I had to look away because i was really creep'ed out.

Unlike the others in this list, the show really dives into the "horror" factor. Such as jump scares, disturbing imagery, and just overall an unnerving experience.

2. Bates Motel

A prequel to the iconic Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho. Bates Motel has forever changed Psycho's history, and for the better. The show explore's Norman's teenage years, and relationship with his mother Norma. It also gradually shows us how Norman came to be the psycho we know and love.

The characterization is on point, and faithful to the movie. It's just extremely creepy to see Norman transform into his Norma persona, and how psychotic he can be. The show also spotlight's Norma's desperate attempts at saving her son from the inevitable we know.

1. American Horror Story

Ever since AHS debuted back in October 5,2011. It has become one of the most beloved horror themed show to ever air. The show has everything you want in a horror show, scares, creeps,screaming,weirdness. You name it! Plus the characters are so diverse and fascinating. The whole world of American Horror Story is just so engaging that it sucks you right in!

Aside from that, its format that AHS works so well. Each season the show explores a different theme. Basically the it has a theme for everyone, whether its witches,freak shows,or whatever comes to mind. It has so many potential stories to tell,and it doesn't shy away from exploring them. Simply put, American Horror Story knows that it's well, a horror story, and just lets loose! For that, American Horror Story is one the best horror shows on tv right now in my opinion. But I want to hear your thoughts.


What is your favorite horror TV series?


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