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My Best Friend's Wedding may be one of the most memorable of all of the '90s rom-coms, from its surprise twist where Julia Roberts DOESN'T get her man, to the singing at the rehearsal dinner, to the wonderful sweetness of a young and out of tune Cameron Diaz. It's a movie that we all remember for a multitude of reasons, and, in fact, is being included as part of Hulu's Summer Road Trip series during the tour's next stop in Raleigh, North Carolina. But despite how well-loved My Best Friend's Wedding is, I bet you didn't know everything that went on behind the scenes. Here are some fun facts about this great movie.

1. Julia Roberts Almost Wasn't Julianne

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City
Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City

The lead role of Julianne was originally offered to Sarah Jessica Parker. However she was already signed on to work on Sex and the City. Luckily, Julia Roberts was up for it and stepped in. It would have been a really different movie without her, don't you think?

2. Cameron Diaz And Dermot Mulroney Can Thank Julia For Their Parts

Cameron Diaz and Dermot Mulroney
Cameron Diaz and Dermot Mulroney

She recommended both Diaz for the role of Kimberly and Mulroney for the role of Michael. In fact, she specifically hand-picked each of them and, well, when an A-list actress like Julia Roberts recommends you cast certain people in her film, you listen to her.

3. Drew Barrymore Was Almost Cast As Kimberly Before That

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore

A well-known movie star by that point, Drew Barrymore was up for the role of Kimberly until Roberts stepped in and recommended Diaz for the role. Since Barrymore went on to star in The Wedding Singer, Ever After, and Never Been Kissed right after that, I think she landed on her feet.

4. Rupert Everett's Role Was Originally Supposed To Be Smaller But He Won Everyone Over

Originally, the role of George was supposed to be much smaller (and also, was named "Digger" in the script). But Rupert Everett tested so well with the audiences and had so much great chemistry with Roberts that they kept writing more scenes and things for him to do. Bonus fact: There was also a different version of the ending in which she didn't dance with George (see 7.), but it didn't test well with audiences.

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5. The Movie Crew Accidentally Lost A Museum's Carpet During Filming

The scene where Kimberly throws her bridal bouquet was actually not filmed on a set or sound stage, but a real location, the Cuneo Museum and Gardens in Vernon Hills, Illinois. But to get the look they wanted for the movie, the crew removed the carpet that covered the floor and put it in storage...and then they lost it. It took the poor museum staff a few months to find it again and restore it to its rightful place.

6. The Four Leads Switched Partners In Later Movies

It wasn't the last time the leads and co-leads in My Best Friend's Wedding would star in movies together — except they switched partners: Everett and Diaz later starred in the Shrek franchise together as Prince Charming and Princess Fiona, and Roberts and Mulroney would act alongside one another years later in August: Osage County.

7. John Corbett Was Originally Cast In The Film But Got Cut

Remember that ending that was shot but eventually scrapped? Originally, the movie was going to end with Julianne dancing with a new man at the wedding, and that man was to be played by John Corbett (who would go on to star in Sex and the City with fellow almost-cast actor, Sarah Jessica Parker). But the test screening left audiences confused and asking, "Who was that guy?" Hence the final version with Julianne dancing with her loyal friend, George.


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