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On Sunday, September 4, Hulu Summer Road Trip: Raleigh is bringing prizes, photo ops and an outdoor screening of My Best Friend's Wedding to North Carolina's capital, so now is the perfect time to look back at this 1997 Julia Roberts classic.

When the topic of movie mean girls comes up, most people automatically think of the 2004 film Mean Girls. Although Lindsay Lohan's breakthrough film is a great movie, it wasn't the first to tackle the theme of being petty, deceptive and just plain mean.

One of these predecessor mean girls is Julianne Potter from the 1997 romantic comedy My Best Friend's Wedding, brought to life by '90s rom-com queen Julia Roberts, who is truly the perfect snapshot of what happens when you go a little bit crazy

My Best Friend's Wedding follows Julianne after she finds out her best friend Michael (Dermot Mulroney) is engaged to a 20-year-old college student named Kimmy (Cameron Diaz). The movie as a whole is quite funny and definitely can hit home for those of us who have found ourselves in that awkward predicament of falling for our best friend. Hopefully, we all handled it a bit better and more sensibly than Julianne.

And yet, there are four ways that Julia Roberts is the perfect mean girl in My Best Friend's Wedding. Whether it's her lies and deception, or flat-out making a move no matter what, Julianne basically stops at nothing to try and win Michael back.

There is a lot to be learned from Julianne in terms of what not to do when you're dealing with someone you really care about. Watching her antics is also a good lesson to not take a good thing for granted and let it slip through your grasp, and here's why...

1. She Has No Plan

After Julianne learns that her best friend is getting married in four days, she travels to Chicago with the ultimate goal of winning him back and kicking his new fiancée to the curb. Sounds plausible, right?

Well, although you could say that Julianne has a goal, she doesn't really have a solid plan set out to achieve it. Throughout the four days prior to the ceremony, she basically wings it and continually comes up with new schemes on the spot to try and get either Michael or Kimmy to cancel the wedding. It takes a pretty coldhearted person to be able to improvise such horrible things ... in other words, the perfect mean girl.

2. She's Conniving And Willing To Lie

Julianne attempted to spread so many stories about Kimmy and her family (in just four days), it's hard to keep track of them all. With the goal of winning Michael back by causing him or Kimmy to call the wedding off, Julianne devises a number of schemes to try and achieve this goal. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Tricking Michael into thinking Kimmy wanted him to work for her father's cable empire.
  • Sending Michael's boss a phony email from Kimmy's father's email account.
  • Pretending to be engaged to her editor to make Michael jealous.
  • Lying to Michael about how she's changed her own views on love and relationships to make him more comfortable with her.
  • Convincing Kimmy that Michael secretly hated his job.

3. She Intentionally Embarrasses Her Rival

Julianne and Kimmy both keep the classic saying of "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" to heart. After just meeting Julianne, Kimmy asks her to be her maid of honor in the wedding ... so she could keep her away from Michael. What Kimmy didn't seem to realize is Julianne accepts the invitation so she can learn information about Kimmy and use it against her.

Not only does she successfully mess with the emotions of both Kimmy and Michael, she manages to use the information willingly given up by Kimmy against her. In arguably one of the funniest parts of the movie, Julianne takes the couple out for some karaoke — one of Michael's favorite things — after learning that Kimmy is tone-deaf and can't sing. All to show Michael (who loves karaoke) that his bride-to-be could never share that activity with him like Julianne could.

4. She's Extremely Blinded By Desire And Jealousy

We have all experienced jealousy to some degree. Whether it's not having a material item that someone else had, or not having a relationship that someone else has, we all have felt that sting.

Julianne is no different, instantly catching the jealousy bug as soon as she hears Michael was off the market. The unfortunate thing about intense jealousy is you're not really thinking clearly when you decide to act. People definitely do some extreme things when they're in love and Julianne is no exception.

In addition to being insanely jealous of Kimmy, Julianne allows her burning desire towards Michael to cloud her judgement as well. Whether it's spending time alone with him, planning activities as the maid of honor, or finding out there is nothing to really hate about Kimmy, she continues to focus on the fact that her attraction to Michael is what's setting her on this path of moral destruction.

Not only that, but she chooses to reiterate to her partner in crime, George, that she still believes Michael belongs to her. Finders keepers, right?

If you're in NC this weekend, be sure to check out Hulu Summer Road Trip: Raleigh.


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