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As many of us know by now, Captain America: Civil War directors Anthony and Joe Russo have confirmed that Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America. While this has many people asking who will accept the mantle of the Sentinel of Liberty, it also leaves another question: What will become of Steve Rogers?

What follows is a list of what could be next for Steve in regards to a possible new alter-ego, as well as how likely it is that we could see said alter-ego in the near future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1. Nomad

I can't stand this awful costume!
I can't stand this awful costume!

Nomad was the first identity Rogers took after stepping down as Captain America in Marvel's Earth-616 continuity. Previously, Cap was fighting an organization called the Secret Empire, and discovered that its leader was actually a high-ranking United States Government Official, who many readers assumed was in fact President Richard Nixon. This official, known as Number One in the Secret Empire, committed suicide before Captain America could capture him. This, along with the US Government using a body double to cover up the whole incident, caused Steve Rogers to become disillusioned with the government. He voluntarily passed the mantle of Captain America to Roscoe Simons. Rogers became Nomad for some time, only returning as Captain America after Red Skull tortured and crucified Simons as a warning to anyone besides Steve Rogers who would dare to become Captain America.

Likelihood of seeing Nomad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: 15 percent. Honestly, this costume is just the worst, and there is no way it would look good next to the other Avenger's costumes.

2. The Captain

"I'm The Captain now" -Steve Rogers
"I'm The Captain now" -Steve Rogers

Having taken the mantle of Captain America again following his time as Nomad, Rogers was contacted by the Commission on Superhuman Activities (CSA). They informed him that, as he had never officially been discharged from active service in the US Army, he had to resume duties as a soldier. Unable to accept this transition and still at odds with the US Government following the discovery of its corruption, Rogers again resigned as Cap, and the US Government appointed John Walker as the new Captain America. Walker inherited the title, costume, and legendary vibranium shield and had to follow government orders.

Meanwhile, Rogers became The Captain and wielded a new adamantium shield. Rogers and Walker soon came into conflict with one another, but joined forces shortly after realizing the Red Skull had been pulling the strings of the CSA. Walker resigned as Cap after being deemed unworthy of the name of Captain America. Rogers only accepted the mantle again after both the un-corrupted CSA and John Walker begged him to come back.

Likelihood of seeing The Captain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: 40 percent. The main problem with this option is that The Captain wields a shield of adamantium. Currently, the rights to using that material in the movies belong to 20th Century Fox Studios, as it is the material Wolverine's claws are made off. Other than that, I believe this is the best option for Steve Rogers new superhero identity.

3. US Agent

Steve Rogers as US- wait, that's not Steve!
Steve Rogers as US- wait, that's not Steve!

After resigning as Captain America, John Walker was apparently killed. Coming back a short time later (as all superheroes do after their death), he became US Agent, donning a costume that was very similar to Steve Rogers's Captain costume. Yes, you read that right, Steve Rogers was never US Agent in the comics!

Likelihood of seeing US Agent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: 30 percent. while it is true that Steve Rogers has never been US Agent, I believe Marvel could do something similar to what they did with Rhodey in Iron Man 3, where he became Iron Patriot, a character whose alter-ego in the comics was actually Norman Osborn. Aside from that, the costume similarities between US Agent and The Captain point to Marvel sticking with something a little more comic accurate and having Steve become The Captain instead.

4. Captain America

Captain America once again!
Captain America once again!

Surprised? Well, in all honesty, you really shouldn't be. Of course, Steve Rogers will not be coming back as Captain America any time soon, but I would fully expect to see him don that mantle once again come Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, just in time to assemble the Avengers against Thanos. For the time being, expect to see Steve leading his team of Secret Avengers on covert missions the UN likely would not sanction the public Avengers team to do.

Likelihood of seeing Captain America again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: 98 percent. Rogers will return as Cap when the Avengers need him most. Its an absolute certainty in my mind. But why only 98 percent? There is a chance that Marvel could surprise us in this regard. (I may be a little [a lot] upset if Steve doesn't become Cap at least one more time).


What do you think is next for Steve Rogers?

Check out some moments from Cap's latest movie appearance that didn't quite make it into the final cut of the film in the blooper reel below:

So what do you think? Will Steve Rogers become another superhero? Will he ever don the Stars and stripes again? Sound off (respectfully) in the comments section!


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