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Even the most diehard American Horror Story fans are now struggling to keep up with the intense promotional campaign that's been rolled out for Season 6. 20 different teaser trailers have been released so far, only one of which is apparently genuine. Between that and the conflicting fan theories that are currently circulating the internet, it's almost impossible to figure out the definitive theme for Season Six.

However, thanks to a potential error made by the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, we may now finally have an answer.

'The Mist'

[Via Rotten Tomatoes]
[Via Rotten Tomatoes]

Hardcore fans discovered on Monday that Season Six had been dubbed 'American Horror Story: The Mist' on the show's official Rotten Tomatoes page, leading many to believe that this will be the final theme.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Don't Get Too Excited Just Yet Though

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Without official confirmation from FX, there's still a chance that 'The Mist' will not be chosen as the definitive theme for Season Six. However, the fact that Rotten Tomatoes have since replaced the title with a more generic label, simply stating 'Season Six', suggests that there's definitely been an error of sorts.

The question remains though; Was 'The Mist' removed from the show's Rotten Tomatoes page because it was a random clerical error, or because the site had accidentally revealed the new theme earlier than FX wanted them to?

Do Any Of The Teasers Link With A Mist Theme?

We've known for some time that only one out of the 20 teaser trailers released so far would reveal the correct theme — and it just so happens that one of them is in fact titled 'The Mist.'

The brief promo shows a bizarre, deformed creature pulling itself along train tracks towards the camera as it emerges from the mist. While this is an undoubtedly terrifying image that would be extremely effective if seen on the show, there's just one problem with this; FX recently cut down the potential trailers to six possible candidates in an official sweepstake. While Post-Op, Lullaby, The Shadow, Blind Date, Camp Sight and Wind Chimes all remain potential contenders, The Mist didn't make the cut.

Upon further inspection, it becomes clear that any sort of mist-related theme doesn't seem to appear in any of these six teasers either, aside from perhaps some water vapour rising in the Blind Date trailer. However, that hardly seems a strong enough link to warrant this being the genuine promo.

How Would American Horror Story: The Mist Even Work?

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Previous seasons have had clear, distinct themes such as Freakshow and Asylum, which paint a distinct picture regarding the setting and potential story lines. If American Horror Story decides to settle on The Mist as a theme, it would be their most ambiguous yet by far.

In fact, when horror fans first hear that phrase, Stephen King's classic story of the same name comes to mind; the story garnered a cult classic film adaptation, and The Mist is now set to appear on TV too.

[Via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer]
[Via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer]

King's show doesn't have a premiere date yet, but it seems unlikely that two programs with the same name would appear so close together, particularly as they're both working within the same genre. While we admit that such a thing wouldn't be impossible, the potential confusion amongst viewers and possible legal issues would certainly make The Mist seem an unlikely choice for American Horror Story and plot-wise, it's hard to imagine the two being worlds apart from one another either.

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Whether Ryan Murphy's team decide to use The Mist as their theme for Season Six or choose something else entirely, we can't deny that every twist and turn in American Horror Story's latest promotional campaign has us absolutely hooked.

While we wait for the new episodes to premiere soon on September 14, check out our video of the show's most disturbing moments to date. Just remember to brace yourselves.

Do you think Season Six of American Horror Story will be titled 'The Mist' or something else entirely? If so, what story elements would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section below.

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