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Last season, Gotham saw a vast improvement in terms of quality of storytelling that plagued Season 1. I enjoyed the serialized approach in Season 2, and quite frankly, how the showrunners weren't afraid to get weird!

Yet, something still feels like its missing from the program. You know it, I know it — we need Batman, on Gotham! I know what you're thinking: "But, Bruce Wayne is the first Batman." If you watch Gotham, then one knows that the show doesn't give two sh*ts about comic book continuity. The show does its own thing, and that's a positive!

Now, there are two possibilities: Thomas Wayne and Jim Gordon! And no, I saw the last issue of Batman, and Alfred cannot pull off the suit, he just can't. Also, the copyrights involved with Batman appearing on television is beyond complicated, and I'm pretty sure Fox is the only place where it's allowed. Let's talk about why Thomas Wayne should be Batman in Gotham!

Thomas Wayne

I'm not talking about Flashpoint's Thomas Wayne, no, I'm talking about the version from DC Comics' Earth-2! That's right, the version that didn't really die, and the one that was working for the mob! If you haven't read Earth-2, well, you really should —it's a phenomenal comic book, that deals with Darkseid's invasion after The Trinity's death.

Can it work in Gotham? Just picture all these strange creatures roaming the streets of Gotham, and Jim Gordon is getting his ass kicked, when all of a sudden stories start flooding in about a vampire wreaking havoc on the criminal underworld. This is the only chance of seeing another Batman wearing the cowl — why not take it?

Honestly, I don't think Thomas Wayne should be Batman for that long, only enough time to develop the legend of Batman. He should die about halfway through the season, and just when Bruce finds out that he's alive. He could tell Bruce that he was ashamed of the life that he lived, and he was trying to do right. Y'see, he was part of the Court of Owls, and he wanted to stop them. I know Bruno Heller (Gotham's showrunner) thinks it's hard to do superheroes on television, but it's all about the characters, baby!

So, life goes back to normal after Thomas's Batman, but Jim notices something: Criminals were actually afraid of the big, bad Bat! This makes Jim want to take over the cowl, and become:


Now, I know that this wasn't that popular in the comics (understandable), but I'm pretty sure this would be absolutely awesome to see on Fox, right? Especially after watching the Comic-Con trailer, where all the escapees from Indian Hill are now roaming Gotham.


Why not have Batman in Gotham? Batman is DC Comics greatest hero, and the chances of seeing another variation of the cowl, well, it's not going to happen on the big screen. Also, I don't exactly know how the rights work on television, but everything is already there on Gotham. Let's hope that Geoff Johns is thinking the same thing! Lastly, Bruce didn't create the legend — should that really matter?


Which Batman do you want to see?


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