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Back in 1988, Freddy was the topic of the Fat Boys song "Are You Ready For Freddy" and even featured Robert Englund spitting some hot fire as the Dream Slayer himself. It looks like fans of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and hip hop heads are about to get another collaboration that will blow our speakers out thanks to nerdcore rapper MC Chris and his newest album MC Chris Is Dreaming, releasing at the end of September.

'MC Chris Is Dreaming'
'MC Chris Is Dreaming'

'Slasher Flicks How I Get My Kicks'

The treble-pitched rapper is best known for his lyrics about geek culture, from Star Wars to Jim Henson's Muppet Babies. While MC Chris claims that geeky references have been a part of rap and hip hop since The Sugarhill Gang, MC Chris has brought a little 21st century flair to the game mixed with some '80s nostalgia throwback.

In particular, MC Chris is bringing back Freddy as the focus of his latest album. The upcoming album gives a special nod to Freddy with at least two tracks, titled "freddy’s dead" and "dream warriors" both nods to the titles of the third and sixth films in the NOES franchise.

Clearly, MC Chris is reaching well past the popular Freddy Krueger film appearances to deliver these deep cuts, demonstrating that he has a firm grasp on his obscure horror references.

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While his vocal stylings are part of his signature act, there's no denying that MC Chris has some serious production value behind his songs. The instrumental track for "freddy's dead" knocks hard, and MC Chris drops more references into one verse than we could count. Like Freddy himself, MC Chris is poised to start pilling up the bodies as he cuts through verses with nerdy authority.

While "freddy's dead" is the only track available now, it's enough of a banger that you'll replay it up until the album release on September 30th.

What do you think Freddy listens to when he's sharpening his gloves?

MC Chris Is Dreaming drops September 30.

What lyric would you most like to hear Freddy rap?

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