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After a grueling 12-year wait, it was finally announced that The Incredibles would be getting a sequel for release in 2019. Belated sequels haven't always seen the most success (Independence Day Resurgence, Zoolander 2, and possibly the upcoming Bad Santa 2), but with original writer/director Brad Bird at the helm, it's hard not to get extremely excited about this project.

Bird's first feature was the beautiful, yet sadly overlooked, The Iron Giant, which is finally getting a long-awaited release on Blu-ray. While making the press rounds for the release, Entertainment Weekly spoke to Bird about the status of the super-powered sequel. While he wasn't able to dish out any tangible details, he did say "it's very actively moving, and we’re excited about it. [We’re] trying to take it in some new directions.”

New directions he says? What could that possibly mean? There are many paths this story could take — here are a few possibilities:

1. Begin Right Where The First Ends

The Incredibles ends with the defeat of Syndrome and the reveal that even baby Jack-Jack has super powers. A jump forward in time introduces a new threat, The Underminer, and the Parrs must suit up to take down this silly villain.

The easiest path for this film to take is to start from this point. The film could open with the family taking on The Underminer, moving forward from there. With the children having just come into their own as heroes, we could witness their struggle to hide their true identities while also trying to keep up their grades at school.

In all honesty, this is the most boring path to take. We've seen the kids at this age before and have also witnessed some of their problems at school. With Bird promising new directions I don't think this path is likely, but something similar is definitely a possibility.

2. Introduce A New Family...Of Villains

Imagine this: a new family moves into the house next door and the two families become fast friends. Bob and Helen go on double dates with the parents and the kids spend every afternoon playing in the yard. Everything seems great, until the Parrs begin to suspect that their new neighbors are hiding something.

My vision for this version of the sequel is a much more intimate movie than the first. While the original takes us from the big city to the suburbs to the tropics and back again, this film would mostly take place in the suburbs. With the main threat being the neighbors, the action could fill the neighborhood, generating humor that would be for a majority of the kids and families who would go see the film.

Also, a classic comic book trope is the "reverse" villain: Bizarro, Reverse Flash, and Venom come to mind. The villainous neighbors could act as foils, whose powers match — or are oddly similar — to the Parrs'. The dynamic would be fun and definitely action-packed. I wouldn't mind seeing the sequel move in a direction like this.

3. Jump Forward Drastically In Time

So far, Pixar sequels have either been direct sequels or prequels. A huge jump forward in time (say 20 years or so) would not only be a new direction for The Incredibles, but for the studio as well. Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack would be adults, finding their place in the world (or even having families of their own). This would increase the number of super-powered characters, allowing for a superhero team-up the likes of The Avengers, but with a familial twist.

My favorite result from this scenario is the fact that Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl would be grandparents. If the topic of elderly superheroes has been covered anywhere before (other than Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy) then I haven't seen it. This would definitely break new ground for the superhero genre and be a wonderful playground for comedy. Also, the anxieties that come with having super-powered children would only multiply when adding grandchildren to the mix. I am certain a heart-wrenching story could be crafted out of this storyline.

I hope that this is the new direction Brad Bird is referring to in his interview. It seems to hit all of the right comedic and emotional beats of Pixar's best films. I also just want to see what happens when superheroes get too old. Do the once powerful become powerless?

The Incredibles 2 is scheduled for release on June 21, 2019.


What new direction would you like 'The Incredibles 2' to go in?


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