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Hey everybody, been quite awhile since I wrote anything on Movie Pilot. Real life kind of hits you in the face sometimes and you get wrapped up in work and making money — this is the way of society right now it seems. But anyway let's get down to it, I have been working on a fan trailer for the last week and it would basically be the prequel to the beloved Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. It really doesn't follow the actual story or get into the story of The Silmarillion, but it makes the viewer guess the story within. Let's get into the cast I chose and talk about it for a moment.

1. Gerard Butler

Although it's hard to go wrong with Gerard Butler in his roles it seems lately that he has been miscast and some movies, namely Olympus Has Fallen and the sequel. I believe those movies are under him and he deserves better. 300 really made him a superstar in my eyes and although it is hard to not think of him as Leonidas in every role, it rings true is a definitive leading man in Hollywood and deserves no less to be one in The Silmarillion. I have cast him as sort of a king of one of the major areas in "Middle Earth" during this time period, and he is busy assembling his army and seeking out what is happening with recent attacks on nearby villages and provinces that are friendly to him and his people.

2. Michael Fassbender

Another actor who I can't say enough about, I love pretty much all of his movie roles and it seams you can't go wrong with him really in any movie right now. I believe Assassin's Creed will be a success, regardless if it is a movie based upon a video game and not many movies like that have been critical success stories. Assassin's Creed might break that barrier and not only make a lot of cash, but be also be critically acclaimed. His other roles I enjoyed include the X-Men franchise, Prometheus and hey, he's also in 300 isn't he? Seams like another great choice to team up with Gerard Butler.

I had picked him in The Silmarillion to be kind of like a rogue turned good and must come together with the nearby king, Gerard Butler, to bring down the evil that is sweeping over the land.

3. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is one of the most coveted female actresses that are around today in Hollywood. Not only can she lead a movie in every shape and form, but after seeing the remake of Mad Max, you know she can pretty much do it all. After seeing Winter's War, I had her in my mind to play an evil sorceress and center of the evil in my take of The Silmarillion. What do you guys think of that choice?

4. Jude Law

Jude Law has been in a ton of great films including Sherlock Holmes, Gattaca, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. He is a multi-talented actor who can play both a lead and supporting role well, unlike many actors out there today.

I had selected him in this to play another king-type character in another region of "Middle Earth," which is under turmoil from the darkness that is spreading the land. He has captured Michael Fassbender's character in this fan trailer, but must come together with him and the other men in the land to combat this great evil.

5. Charlie Hunnam

Last, but not least, I selected Charlie Hunnam, who after I saw Pacific Rim was intrigued in his acting ability and knew he'd be able to play some pretty great roles in his future endeavors. I selected him in this to be a young man who is almost like a huntsman-type character from Winter's War, that is a great warrior and must fight the evil with help from the rest of the cast.

Watch The Fan-Made Trailer Here:

Gandalf makes an appearance in this trailer as well, but I am NOT entirely sure if he is really around at the time of The Silmarillion, but I was reading he was.

I hope you guys enjoy this fan-made trailer and please check out my social media below for much more fan-made trailers, mashups, reactions and much more!

What did you think of this fan trailer for The Silmarillion?


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