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Recently, for my own entertainment, I went back and started watching some old Batman Beyond episodes via YouTube. After watching these episodes for a few hours something became very clear to me. What came to me was that Batman Beyond should, without a doubt, be in the DCEU! Not only should Terry McGinnis be in it, he should also get his own film! Let me explain my thinking.

Older Bruce Wayne

One of the most interesting items of the DCEU is that we are dealing with an older and more experienced Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman. He is much more cynical and more of a brawler than any Batman we have ever seen on screen. That said, we already saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that even Alfred is starting to believe that Bruce is soon going to be simply too old to be the Batman. Although, Batman is set to appear in Justice League and his own Batman solo film before he can even potentially hang up the cape. Once these films are out of the way Bruce will be even older. That means his chances of retirement will more than likely also be higher. Therefore, this would set up a perfect entrance for a young Terry McGinnis to take the role of the Batman, despite Bruce not being quite as old as he is in the Batman Beyond series.

New Looks And New Faces

As a comic book fan myself, getting new characters or new character appearances can bring a breathe of fresh air to an old concept. For example, by the time the Batman solo film comes out we will have seen Ben Affleck's Batman at least three times (four counting his Suicide Squad cameos). Fans are more than likely going to grow tired of seeing him on screen. However, if the DCEU were to add Batman Beyond to the lineup it would be a win-win. Warner Bros. would get to keep making Batman movies and fans would get something new to mix up an old routine. The cool thing about Batman Beyond is not only does he bring a new look, but he brings new villains. Personally, I think a lot of the villains from the Batman Beyond series were quite underrated. Villains such as Blight, Spellbinder, and Inque would make great additions to the DCEU. This would also been using the Suicide Squad's affect of bringing in more B and C-list characters into the mainstream audiences.

Batman Beyond Is Very Cool

This might kind of sound like a lame reason but let's face it, Batman Beyond is just really cool. It's not even the new gadgets, car, or suit that makes him so interesting — it's actually his flexibility as a character. Those who watched the series know that not only does this Batman take on new faces, but he also fights old enemies of Bruce Wayne's Batman. These enemies included the likes of Mr. Freeze and The Joker (he encountered the Joker in the film Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker). Terry also earned the respect of Superman through his years of crime fighting and was offered up a spot on the Justice League (but eventually declined). I mean, how cool would that be to see? Batman Beyond in the Justice League? That would be so crazy!

Final Thoughts

Batman Beyond is more than worthy of having his own film in the DCEU. He would bring a new angle to the universe, and he would be the spark for a new younger line of DCEU heroes heading into the future. With all these lesser-known characters getting solo films in this day and age, a Batman Beyond film would be good timing. The guy has been looked over for years, but is definitely cool enough to make the cut!

What do you think? Do you think the DCEU should try to incorporate a Batman Beyond solo film? Let me know in the comments below!


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