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What makes Batman awesome? His martial arts skills, his intelligence, his secret cave, or his wicked-cool gadgets? Trick question! The answer is “all of the above.”

Just when you think Batman can’t get any cooler, guess what? He does! In the new animated Batman film, Batman fights giant mutants with a mech of his likeness. Yes, you read that correctly — a Batman mech!

Batman Unlimited: Mech vs. Mutants first premiered at San Diego Comic-Con International in July, but it was officially released for digital download this week. The third installment of the animated Batman Unlimited films, Mech vs. Mutants delivers a fun cast of characters, kid-friendly action and humor, and the greatest crime-fighting giant robots you will ever see.

The Plot

Mr. Freeze and Penguin plan to take over Gotham City, but they can’t do it alone. After breaking some of Gotham’s nastiest villains out of Arkham Asylum, they use Mr. Freeze’s newest experiment to turn Bane, Clayface, Chemo, and Killer Croc into giant mutants who threaten the city with no sign of stopping. Joining Batman in the battle is the Flash, Green Arrow, Nightwing, and the young Damian Wayne as Robin. With a little teamwork (and a few not-so-little robot suits), they fight to take down the mutants and save the city from an eternal winter. Thank goodness for robot suits, am I right?

Although the Batman Unlimited series is geared towards a younger audience than most other DC Animation films, the movie holds up for adult audiences too. So what are some cool things to expect from the film? I’m glad you asked.

Awesome Characters And Fights

In an attempt to settle an old feud, giant Bane and Killer Croc duke it out among Gotham City rooftops in a “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah” style battle.

Damian Wayne is a far different character from the Damian Wayne in the recent Son of Batman films. He’s a little bit older, but still finding his footing and getting used to his role as Robin. He knows he has a lot to learn and is eager to grow and become better as he works with his mentors.

Speaking of Robin's mentors, Nightwing is voiced by Will Friedle, which is a nice throwback to the Batman Beyond series.

Penguin has a penguin henchman and it’s both hilarious and cute.

And of course, there are Batman and Green Arrow mechs. Do I even need to elaborate? Can you possibly think of anything cooler than that? Me neither.

There may be one thing that's almost as cool, and that's the Batman song. Check it out in the video below:

Batman Unlimited: Mech vs. Mutants will be available on DVD on September 13 so mark your calendars! Share your favorite part of the movie in the comments.


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