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It seems we'll never be able to get enough of a tale as old as time, as Disney's live action remake of Beauty & The Beast could be the studio's biggest hit yet. After all, it's not just any old film that smashes 90 million trailer views in under 24 hours — and that was just the teaser!

While we have to wait before Beauty & The Beast waltzes into cinemas on March 17, 2017, Disney have already began to tease us with sneak peeks of Luke Evans as Gaston and glimpses of how Lumière and Cogsworth will look in the final release.

However, thanks to the upcoming re-release of the original film on home media, we've finally been given what we've all been waiting for. That's right. In a newly released clip, we've finally been granted our first glimpse of Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in action as Belle and the Beast respectively, just in time to celebrate the original's 25th anniversary.

[Via Disney]
[Via Disney]

Set to stunning orchestral music from eight-time Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken, this behind-the-scenes clip shows the pair discussing literature in role with the rest of the cast. Both actors sound pitch perfect in the role, allaying any fears we may have had in just a few short lines. Go on. Check it out. Be our guest.

In addition to this exclusive table read, the clip also provides us with further glimpses of Lumière, Cogsworth and the enchanted castle itself. We're also treated to an interview with director Bill Condon, who explains why now is the perfect time to adapt Beauty & The Beast for live action:

"I was so excited to hear that Disney were thinking of doing a live-action version of Beauty & The Beast. When something is so perfect, why get near it. I think the answer is that technology has caught up to the ideas that were introduced in that movie."

Diehard fans of the original may still wonder who could ever learn to love a (live-action) Beast. Fortunately, the 25th anniversary rerelease will also include a longer sneak peek which should convince you once and for all that this live-action remake could be Disney's best film yet.

[Via Disney]
[Via Disney]

As if that wasn't enough, the home release will also feature a number of other enchanting featurettes, including “Menken & Friends: 25 Years of Musical Inspiration,” where songwriter Alan Menken discusses his craft and “Always Belle,” an interview with Paige O’Hara about her role as the original Belle.

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There will always be those who criticise attempts to remake classic movies such as Beauty & The Beast, but the talent involved in this remake is truly astonishing. Everything we've seen so far appears to remain faithful to the original in the best way possible.

[Via Disney]
[Via Disney]

Like Beast watching each rose petal fall, it won't do us any good just staring longingly at the March 17 release date on our calendar. So while we wait for Condon's live-action remake to hit cinemas, seek out the 25th-anniversary edition when it's released on September 6.

Also, check out this side-by-side video comparing the new trailer to the original film:

Are you excited to see the live action remake of Beauty & The Beast? Do you think it will be as successful as Jungle Book was earlier this year? And what other Disney Animated Classics would you like to see remade in live action?


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