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Fans of Shameless will finally be able to watch the fifth and sixth seasons of their favorite show on streaming service Netflix, beginning September 1st. Before this month, the first four seasons of the Showtime dramedy series were only available to stream. The arrival of the fifth and sixth seasons mark a momentous occasion for fans of the show and even Netflix themselves are taking advantage of this opportunity by heavily promoting the new arrival on their homepage.

If you've been dying to watch the fifth and sixth season there is now nothing to hold you back. This arrival will mean endless hours of binge watching but it also means several other things for Shameless and fans of the series.


Which season of 'Shameless' has been your favorite so far?

A New Chapter For Shameless

The first three seasons of Shameless are brilliant, but the fourth season marked a change in tone and a realism that had been absent in the previous seasons and that definitely continues into the fifth and sixth seasons. If you're yet to see these two seasons then you are definitely in for a treat.

The South Side of Chicago faces destruction as outsiders want to renovate some of the key areas, Fiona, Ian and Lip deal with some serious matters and some of the storylines really push our favorite characters to their breaking points. Even Frank has some developments and we definitely see a different side to his character, particularly in the fifth season. Mickey and Ian's relationship hits a rough patch due to circumstances out of their control but they attempt to power through it and Svetlana is featured more prominently on the show, which is always a good thing.

Find out what Ian and Mickey are up to in Season 5 (via Showtime).
Find out what Ian and Mickey are up to in Season 5 (via Showtime).

The fifth season has some of the best storylines that the show has done so far and the acting — particularly from Emmy Rossum and Cameron Monaghan — is phenomenal. Make sure you clear your schedule — you won't be able to think about anything else except watching Shameless!

Shameless Can Find A New Audience

It's obvious when browsing social media that Shameless has a large fanbase and its easy to see why — it's rare to see such ordinary and extremely relatable characters on television. However, on top of that large fanbase, word of mouth has allowed more and more people to discover the Showtime series and if you conduct a simple search on social media, you'll see that many have recently begun enjoying the show via its arrival on Netflix several months ago.

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However, the fact that the show was incomplete on Netflix meant that many of these new fans have yet to see the fifth and sixth seasons — if this applies to you, then fear not my fellow South Siders as Shameless is now available in it's entirety (so far) on Netflix. All six seasons are now available to stream so make sure you take advantage of this and get stuck in!

Fans Can Catch Up Before Season 7 Premieres

Although Shameless usually premieres in January, Showtime decided to air the seventh season of the comedy drama in the fall, meaning that Season 7 is quickly approaching. With only one month to go until the highly anticipated seventh season premieres on Showtime, it's the perfect time for Shameless to arrive on Netflix, allowing fans the opportunity to catch up before the big premiere.

New fans will have the opportunity to finally stream the fifth and sixth seasons while others who have already seen them can refresh their memory in time for the seventh season. Showtime released the trailer and poster for Season 7 several days ago — if you're all caught up then watch the trailer below. Spoilers, obviously.

Shameless will likely be around for many more years to come, but for now fans can finally see what the Gallaghers got up to in their fifth and sixth seasons just in time for their seventh. Who knows what lies ahead for the Gallaghers in the years to come? For now, take heart in the fact that we can re-live their greatest moments again and again courtesy of Netflix.

Season 5 and 6 of Shameless are now available on Netflix. Season 7 begins on Showtime on October 2nd.


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