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Dog whisperer (I talk to my dog a lot), TV fan, Editor at Hulu
Raef Harrison

This Summer, my MODERN FAMILY and I went on a trip to GRAVITY FALLS to visit our friends RICK AND MORTY. We decided to drive, so that we could see all that the UNITED STATES OF TARA have to offer. We passed by DAWSON’S CREEK, WAYWARD PINES, and NASHVILLE.

Things got a little AWKWARD when we stopped at a SUPERSTORE in THE OC and a bunch of DANCE MOMS mistook us for someone else, and kept asking us “ARE YOU THE ONE?” We quickly got out of there, but it was already so late it felt like we were THE LAST MAN ON EARTH. We drove through the night, which was fun since it felt like a PARTY OF FIVE.

We finally got to GRAVITY FALLS, where RICK AND MORTY were waiting for us to PARTY DOWN with their friends BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD. (We kicked it old school). At first we felt like a bunch of OUTSIDERS, but quickly became part of our friends’ COMMUNITY.

All in all, our summer was full of ADVENTURE TIME, and hope yours was too.


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