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With the deadline for submissions to the category of the Foreign Language category for the 89th Academy Awards fast approaching, I thought it would be good to investigate some of the films already submitted for consideration.

After watching the superb Suburra, reviewed here, my taste for excellent foreign films and their corresponding inventive storylines and different styles was peaked, and with some of the hugely budgeted and disappointing films released this year, I wanted to find an excellent collection of foreign language films to add to my list! Having not seen any of these films yet, they all look interesting in their own ways.


The Ardennes, first time directed by Robin Pront tells the tale of two brothers involved in a robbery gone wrong and the aftermath.


Toni Erdmann premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for the Palme d'Or. Directed, written and co-produced by Maren Ade, is about a father trying to reconnect with his grown up daughter by playing pranks on her.


Kills on Wheels, written and directed by Atilla Till is an action comedy starring two disabled teenagers who team up with a hitman in a wheelchair in order to make their lives more interesting.

South Korea

The Age of Shadows, directed by Kim Jee-woon, is a 1920s set spy/secret agent story as the two sides move to gain the upper hand.

Have you seen any of these films and do any of them deserve an Oscar? Or do any of these trailers make you want to watch the film?


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