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Ever have one of those moments when you just don't know what to say to someone? There's a person in your life that just doesn't know that they said something dumb, that they are making a fool of themselves, or you just want to make someone laugh? Well, thankfully, Rick and Morty is there to help when you find yourself at a loss for words.

One of the best things about Rick and Morty is the vast amount of one liners, memorable moments and quotes that each episode brings. There isn't a single episode that goes by where there isn't at least one part where the viewers won't fall out laughing or just pause and say "wow." Here are some of the best Rick and Morty memes for any situation.

An Opinion You Don't Need And Didn't Ask For

  • Episode Of Origin: "Pilot"

This was the episode that started it all. If this one failed, there probably wouldn't have been any more episodes to begin with. Rick and Morty go to another dimension to find seeds that can fix human injury. But they end up getting chased through an alien airport. Also, Rick doesn't actually say this in the episode. He really tells Morty to shove giant seeds up his butt.

When To Use It: Everyone needs advice at some point in their life. Unfortunately, people like to give out advice that we may not want or need. Usually, it's at the most inopportune time. For those special people, you can easily tell them exactly where to stick their opinion without even having to say it yourself.

Get It Together

  • Episode Of Origin: "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez"

What happens when Rick becomes a teenager and joins Morty and Summer's high school? They kill their vampire gym teacher (Coach Feratu) and then Rick becomes the most popular kid in school. And then secretly hates his life. Too bad the only person who notices it is Summer.

When To Use It: We all make mistakes. It's gonna happen every day of our lives. But some people just keep making the same mistakes over and over. After telling giving people the same advice over and over, it's time to turn to Morty who had some great advice for his sister.

Stop An Argument In A Group Text

  • Episode Of Origin: "Meeseeks and Destroy"

Rick needs some time to prove to Morty that he makes a good sidekick. To prove it, Rick bets that Morty can't come up with a better adventure than he can. It all goes well until Morty gets them both locked up and Morty almost gets bad touched by a giant jelly bean. The Meeseeks are beings that can solve any problem. They can certainly solve the problem of a text message, just not Jerry Smith's golf swing.

When To Use It: Group chats are a gift and a curse. On one hand, they allow everyone to get involved with plans so there is no confusion when it's time to get together. On the other hand, group chats can get awkward. Especially when people start to argue over nonsense. Don't know how to you solve that problem? Thankfully Meeseeks can help you before he disappears.

Seriously Or Sarcastically

  • Episode Of Origin: "Get Schwifty"

Earth is put into an intergalactic reality TV show that will determine whether or not the planet will get blown up. Good thing you have Rick, Morty, and Ice-T to get Schwifty when you need a hit song to ensure that your planet doesn't get destroyed.

When To Use It: It's Friday night and your friends want to go out. You think, "You know what, I wanna go out too. Let hit the club." You decide you wanna "get Schwifty." Or let's say someone doesn't watch Rick and Morty — yes, these people do exist — and you just want to confuse them heck out of them for the heck of it. Either way, telling someone to get Schwifty is the best way to answer any questions about wanting to go out dancing.

For The Wedding You Don't Want To Attend

  • Episode Of Origin: "The Wedding Squanchers"

You'd assume that if Rick's best friend (Bird Person) was getting married he'd be excited. Nope. Not at all. Rick does give a beautiful speech during the wedding. And then all Hell breaks loose.

When To Use It: Weddings are a joyous occasion. Two people hand in hand around the people closest to them. A time where a couple commits to each other forever. It's also a time where you have to use vacation time you might not have and spend a ton of money that you can't afford to spend. No matter how happy you are for the couple, weddings are exhausting. And, while this may be inappropriate to some people, they're kinda like funerals... but with cake. Only send this to your friends who can take a joke.

We Get It! You're AMAZING!

  • Episode Of Origin: "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind"

Rick is being hunted by alternate versions of himself for a crime he didn't commit. You'd hope that your grandson and protege would be a little understanding when other reality yous from across the multi-verse think you're guilty of a crime you didn't commit. Nope. He's still a jerk. And Rick being Rick didn't help the cause by also being a jerk.

When To Use It: For the arrogant person who just loves to talk about themselves. Every day they love to tell you about all of their accomplishments. They don't want a conversation. They just want to talk about themselves. Or even worse, the toppers. Those people who feel the need to top every story you tell. You walked to work, that means they ran. You went to bed early, they haven't slept since the Cold War. This is perfect those types of people.

That's Not Cool

  • Episode Of Origin: "Get Schwifty"

Morty is about to abandon Rick forever and never tell him he left. Bird Person lets Morty know exactly how he feels and what it would mean to leave Rick stranded.

When To Use It: Agent K said it best in the first Men In Black movie: "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it." This meme is specifically for that a-hole who constantly oversteps their boundaries or is, well, a dick.

You Could Just Google It

  • Episode Of Origin: "Rixty Minutes"

We all get that Rick is a genius, but he doesn't know everything. Apparently, even when he doesn't know something he's still an a-hole. While he and Morty are searching for stuff to watch on their inter-dimensional cable box, Morty gets annoying and keeps asking Rick questions.

When To Use It: Ever get a text message from someone asking you what the weather is going to be like or some other question that could easily be solved if they use Google? I'm sure you have. You may want to help out, but you're only enabling them. Just simply send them the picture about and wait for them to get mad at you sending this meme. And when they do, send this next picture.

Why? Why Not?

  • Episode Of Origin: "Ricksy Business"

Rick's party is going great! He's done some alien drugs, came up with a new dance, and is wrecked! Even though Rick acts like everything is okay with him and that he is having a good time, he's really hurting inside. But rather than tell anyone, he says it in a language no one understands.

When To Use It: When the person responds you tell them it means, "I am in great pain, please help me." Since they sent you a text about a question that could have been answered quicker if they googled it, they must be in pain and need help immediately. Or you could just decide you want to be a jerk.

The Nice Response

  • Episode Of Origin: "Get Schwifty"

When Morty wants to leave Earth forever, Bird Person offers words of wisdom and shares a lighter side of Rick that Morty didn't know existed.

When To Use It: Or maybe instead of being a jerk you decide you want to help them. So before you you answer their question, let them know their on it in a way that only Bird Person could say it.


  • Episode Of Origin: "Ricksy Business"

Most people drink to have fun or to get loose. Rick drinks to get wrecked! And that is why he is throwing the party to begin with. To invite some friends over and drink until he can't think.

When To Use It: It's the end of the week. Your boss has been yelling at you, your coworkers are annoying, and your commute to work is the absolute worse. But it's Friday and you have two days to recover from a hangover? What do you tell your friends you wanna do?

What's your favorite Rick and Morty meme? Let me know in the comments below.