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There's no doubt that HBO's Silicon Valley is one of the smartest comedies on television. Between the high-strung Stanford dropout Richard Hendricks to the affable Donald "Jared" Dunn, the hilarious ensemble cast is chock-full of brilliant coders.

There is one character, however, I believe to be the quiet genius of the whole operation. He's the person who will lead Pied Piper to success in the upcoming season: Nelson "Big Head" Bighetti.

Silicon Valley / HBO
Silicon Valley / HBO

Big Head doesn't quite have the coding ability of Dinesh or the confidence of Erlich Bachman, but he never let his shortcomings get in the way of success. I believe Big Head's unusual work ethic and atypical social behavior might actually make him the smartest guy in all of Silicon Valley. Now that his incubator Bachmanity officially owns Pied Piper, he might be just the asset the startup needs to actually succeed.

Keep reading to see all of the evidence that points to the fact that Big Head might be the smartest guy on Silicon Valley.

1. He's A Skilled Negotiator

See how he so easily negotiated his severance package from $2 million to $20 million? Amazing.

2. He Understands The Importance Of Hydration

Silicon Valley / HBO
Silicon Valley / HBO

Big Head is always seen toting around his Big Gulp cup because he knows that proper hydration is crucial to a person's health and overall wellness. I will concede that soda might not be the ideal drink of choice, but it's a step in the right direction.

3. He Is Unfazed By High-Stress Situations

Plenty of people would crack under the pressure of the courtroom, but the pressure doesn't seem to get to Big Head at all. Probably because he's so incredibly brilliant!

4. He Knows When To Keep Quiet

Invaluable life lesson: When in doubt, nod and smile.

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5. He Knows When To Play Dirty

Big Head saw an opportunity for sabotage and took it. Better yet, it was for a noble cause: helping out his friend.

6. He Has A Keen Business Sense

Only a true genius could start a tech incubator without even meaning to do so.

7. He Is A True Innovator

The potato cannon, for example, might not have been what Hooli was looking for. But if the goal was to shoot potatoes long distances and at high speeds, mission accomplished!

8. He Thinks BIG

Like, really big. So big, in fact, that technology has yet to catch up with his brilliant ideas.

9. And Yet, He Still Stays Humble

Silicon Valley / HBO
Silicon Valley / HBO

Big Head knows where his strengths and weaknesses are, and he's not afraid to be critical of himself. That level of self-awareness is an obvious attribute of a smart fellow!

In short, not only is Big Head secretly the brightest mind on all of Silicon Valley, but he might prove to be Pied Piper's secret weapon in Season 4. Don't ever change, Big Head, you're perfect the way you are.

No official release date has been announced for Silicon Valley Season 4 yet. But if the last three seasons have been any indication, it will likely premiere sometime around April 2017.


If you were building an app, which Silicon Valley character would you want to hire on your team?


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