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A few months ago Movie Pilot teamed up with Eli Roth's Crypt TV for a One Sentence Scare competition where we turned one of your macabre stories into a nightmare come true. The rules were simple: You guys wrote the scariest one sentence concept your minds could conjure, and we turned the best one into an actual movie!

As of last Friday, the film had officially been finished and screened. Today, we're finally ready to share it with you all!

The contest turnout was huge with over 1300 stories submitted in the hopes of being brought to life. Just to get a taste of some of the talented contestants, let's run through a handful of honorable mentions and Movie Pilot favorites!

“As I lay paralyzed in my bed, the shadowy figure hovering over me hissed "Shhhhhh, it won't work if you wake him..." - Matt Clancy"I never knew what terror was until I witnessed my wife skin our baby boy and cook the skin for breakfast." - Davey Lance"Even though I took her batteries out, she still continues to talk to me." - InsideTheEarsPodcast

Despite the high number of One Sentence Scares that made our skin crawl, it was 18-year-old Solon Papageorgio from Greece whose concept ultimately swayed our the horror-loving hearts.

Papageorgio's 18-word-long story was read nearly 600,000 times during the competition's run, and the underlying theme of "kill or be killed" became the basis for Crypt TV's latest production.

“I didn’t have to outrun the serial killer; I just had to outrun my friend running beside me.”

This past Friday, Papageorgio was flown to Movie Pilot headquarters in Venice Beach, California to meet with the filmmakers and see the final cut of his One Sentence Scare winning entry, titled Two On The Run.

Two On The Run was written and directed by Graham Denman and produced by Rudy Scalese. Given the vague nature of the sentence provided allowed Denman and his team meant the story could go in any number of ways.

The team at Crypt TV had this to say about the project:

CryptTV prides itself on bringing original, short scares to horror fans everyday, so to be able to partner with MoviePilot and their rabid community of written creators to bring a fans one sentence scare to life was a pleasure. The fact that the winning one sentence scare came from Solon, all the way from Greece, shows how powerful the love of horror is on a global scale.

After months of anticipation, we're proud to reveal the finished product with you all! The short premiered on Facebook, and you can watch it via the player below.

Congratulations again to Solon Papageorgio for this winning sentence and to the production team at Crypt TV for the tremendous work!


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