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A sarcastic, streetwise cop with plenty of attitude to spare. An upper class medical examiner who doesn't quite get the nuances of sarcasm. It doesn't exactly sound like a match made in heaven, but for seven seasons Rizzoli & Isles took on the bad guys in Boston and made it work. Averaging over six million viewers a season, Rizzoli & Isles made crime-fighting look good in high heels and boots, but the high cost of production brought the series to an end on Monday, September 5th.

After 105 episodes, the series wraps with an emotionally charged finale that will leave fans both sad and happy that their favorite characters were given a proper farewell. Still, we'll miss so much about these fantastic ladies and the cast that brought us laughter, suspense, mystery, and tears over the past seasons. It's difficult to pick out what we'll miss the most, but most goodbyes are better short so here are my top three choices.

The Bond Between Two Women Who Couldn't Be More Different

Maura Isles has money, more knowledge than most people have in a lifetime, and a hard time with letting loose. Jane Rizzoli has a difficult time with commitment and emotion, hates fancy clothes, and comes from a middle-class working family. We watched as these two women developed a friendship that transcended the bonds of societal class. It didn't matter that Jane didn't understand everything Maura said or that Maura thought Jane could use a little more culture. It only mattered that they were best friends who were willing to risk everything to save one another.

The Humor In Every Episode

Seriously, not an episode went by that didn't bring on the laughs. Whether it was Jane's impatience with Maura's unwillingness for conjecture or Maura's inability to pick up on sarcasm, Rizzol & Isles delivered the humor. Even in the midst of serious episodes, an occasional one-liner broke up the heaviness.

Want More Evidence That Rizzoli & Isles Will Be Missed?

Each Episode Delivered Quality Viewing

It was an impossibility to watch an episode of Rizzol & Isles and be bored. Too much happened that either kept you on the edge of your seat or had your rewinding to repeat a scene because there was nothing you wanted to miss. The love stories with heartbreaking endings, family squabbles, a criminal father, being a target of a sadistic killer, kidnappings, and dangerous injuries kept us coming back for more. There is not another show like it airing today.

The ladies and the rest of the cast will be heartily missed, and the summers will seem a little less brighter without this show that had more heart than any other police procedural on television. For Rizzol & Isles didn't just bring down the criminals, it showed us the strength of friendship, the love of family, dedication to the job, and the power behind a team that never quits. And for 105 episodes we got to watch this amazing family take on the world, both the good and the bad, and come out stronger for it. Bravo to the cast and crew for this phenomenal series! You will be missed, mourned, and rewatched many times over.

What will you miss most about Rizzol & Isles? Let me know in the comments below!


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