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Spider-Man: Homecoming is arguably one of the most anticipated films in the future Marvel Cinematic Universe. This latest news should make even the most die-hard Marvel fan happy, especially those who are excited to see more Spider-Man villains being brought on to the big screen.

A few months ago, we received word that Birdman star Michael Keaton would be playing the film's primary antagonist; the Vulture. It was also confirmed that the Vulture would be getting some help with the making of his suit from a much maligned villain known as the Terrible Tinkerer. However, those aren’t the only villains Spider-Man will be tangling with...

The Shocker Officially Joins The MCU!

Bokeem Woodbine was heavily rumored to be playing one of Spidey’s earliest villains known as The Shocker. Not convinced that Shocker is officially on board? Well, if these set photos posted last week are any indication, I think it’s pretty much a lock at this point. Check them out!

I wanted to break down the look of the costumen and what influenced it, but first, let's dive into a quick recap of the Shocker's backstory.

Who Is The Shocker?

First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #46, Herman Schultz was a very talented individual who went to school to become an engineer. After deciding to drop out of school, Schultz turned to a life of crime and became a successful burglar known to many as The Shocker.

Shocker has proved to be a very formidable foe for Spider-Man over the years, even defeating the wall-crawler at one point. Not only has Shocker faced off against Spidey multiple times, but he’s also joined a few villainous groups such as the Masters of Evil, the Sinister Syndicate, and was also a member of the Sinister Six.

So did they get the costume right? While it's a little blurry, and the finished product will obviously be much more refined, to put it simply, it looks incredible. Judging by these pics alone, the costume appears to be a great rendition of the classic character from the comics. Here are three influences I can see that helped shape Shocker's costume in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

1. Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Shocker’s look also appears to be taken directly from the television show I grew up on in the ’90s. Spider-Man: The Animated Series was such a great show and Shocker became one of my personal favorite villains from the television series. I enjoyed watching the fights between Spider-Man and Shocker because he was always difficult for the web-head to take down. While his costume has remained mostly the same throughout his comic book history, the animated series saw him with a very different look.

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But comics or animated series, Shocker has always had sort of a spandex/unitard thing going on, and the pictures above show that the Spider-Man: Homecoming version will be much more utilitarian and combat-ready. It reminds me of another villain we've already seen in the MCU...

2. Crossbones' Paramilitary Style

Crossbones costume in comics and Captain America: Civil War
Crossbones costume in comics and Captain America: Civil War

The costume also reminds a little bit of the Crossbones uniform Frank Grillo wore in Captain America: Civil War. Though the costumes look a tad similar in their military-based design, the villains are drastically different from each other in terms of their fighting style. Crossbones relies on hand-to-hand combat and weaponry.

Shocker, however, utilizes duel gauntlets that he wears on his hands which project concentrated, high frequency vibrational blasts of air. These blasts are powerful enough to blast down vault doors and punch through multiple feet of concrete, which make his gauntlets extremely dangerous. As we can see from the first look photos, the gauntlets are a prominent part of his costume — again, very similar to what Crossbones rocked in Civil War, but Shocker's hands appear to be free in his version, rather than covered with the metal, boxing glove-like punching apparatus that Crossbones wore. More than the animated series or Crossbones, though, there's one more thing that seems to be influencing this Shocker's costume in Spider-Man: Homecoming more than anything, though...

3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game

Though Shocker wasn't featured in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, the video game based on the movie did include the villain. And his design was maybe the most realistic rendition we've seen yet.

Even though I have never played this video game, the look of the costume appears VERY similar to the product given to us from the set photos. The color coordination matches that of the photos and the mask looks like a typical mask one would wear when skiing, just without the necessary hole for the mouth. His outfit also models that of a heavy jacket with an extra layer of protection added for good measure.

While the game doesn't give us a costume straight from the comics, it does, however, give the audience the necessary elements that make up the villain in a less cheesy way. The costume — both in the game and in the set photos — looks as if it uses material that can be found just about anywhere. This will make the villain more believable when Spidey is tasked with taking down this menace.

What do you think of Shocker’s look? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to share!


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