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The third and final season of BBC Two's critically acclaimed drama/thriller series, The Fall, has debuted its first teaser trailer for Season 3. The drama, which airs on Netflix for U.S. distribution, stars X-Files' Gillian Anderson as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson and Fifty Shades Of Grey's Jamie Dornan as the serial killer who becomes the main target of her dangerous cat-and-mouse investigation. The first teaser trailer for the third and last season is below:

The ominously vague preview sets the stage for an immediate follow-up to the abrupt cliffhanger ending of Season 2. Though it's still unclear what the story will be now that Gibson's investigation has come to a close, I doubt we can expect anything less than the magnificent writing and direction we've received from the show since it first premiered in 2013. Before we bid our final goodbyes, let's briefly relive some of the great heart-racing moments from the most recent season.

But First Let's Recap 'The Fall' Season 2!

Season 2 of The Fall was full of twists, turns, and startling revelations. To catch you up to speed before Season 3, here's a recap of what happened:

  • Just over a week after the Season 1 finale, Season 2 picks up with Stella Gibson interviewing the most recent and botched victim, Annie Brawley (Karen Hassan), who's recently awoken from a coma.
  • Rose Stagg (Valene Kane), a former victim, steps forward at the behest of Dr. Reed Smith (Archie Panjabi), a woman who knew of this killer's particular fetish in her time at university. Rose is then abducted from her home when Spector realizes she's feeding the police information that only she could know about.
  • Spector breaks into Gibson's hotel room and becomes intimately acquainted with the detective's personal life via her dream journal and personal effects.
  • Spector and his new accomplice, the young and impressionable former babysitter of the Spector family, attempt to hide and remove evidence from his hotel room and his accomplice is arrested. Spector is also apprehended for the abduction of Rose. His wife, Sally Ann (Bronagh Waugh), is taken in for perverting the course of justice (back when she lied for him to the police in Season 1)
  • The season comes to a close with Stella getting Spector to admit to the crimes he's committed and striking a deal with him that he can see his daughter in exchange for the location of Rose. He agrees to take her there and Rose is found, barely alive, in the trunk of her own car.
  • In the final moments before the credits rolled, the irate and highly abusive James Tyler (Brian Milligan), a former patient of Spector's who blames her for his wife leaving him, shows up at the scene and fires several rounds at the police, many of which hit Spector and DS Tom Anderson (Colin Morgan).
  • Stella is left holding Spector in her arms as he bleeds out on the road.

How Will The Show Leave Us After Season 3?

On a high note, I should imagine. Both Anderson and Dornan have outshone their more notable roles, with their time on this gritty drama. The Fall gave Anderson the ability to step out of David Duchovny's shadow on The X-Files and show viewers just how well she can lead a procedural drama all on her own. In Dornan's case, it showed viewers he was more than just a piece of meat, like how he's been displayed in Fifty Shades Of Grey. It added volumes to his true commitment as a dramatic actor, a feat we were granted a few teasing moments of during his far too short tenure on ABC's Once Upon A Time:

Although both actors have expressed their deep desires to stick with these characters, series creator Allan Cubitt seems more than ready to end his beloved series on a high note rather than drag it out way past its prime. It should be noted, however, that one actress who appeared in both the first two seasons of the show will sadly not be returning alongside Dornan and Anderson to reprise her role in the final season. That would be The Good Wife's Archie Panjabi, who played motorcycle enthusiast and pathologist Reed Smith.

When Will The Third Season Arrive In The U.S.?

There's still no exact Season 3 premiere date to expect of the series even on BBC Two. Without that information, it's kind of hard to determine when U.S. audiences will be able to once again start binge watching it on Netflix. So far, at least looking as far ahead as September 24th, the show is still not yet slated anywhere on the BBC's schedule.

However, when the two previous seasons finished their runs in the UK, the show made its way to Netfix within a few days of the final episode airing. If the new season follows that pattern, it's most likely that U.S. audiences will receive the series sometime between November 2016 at the earliest and January 2017 at the latest.

See Also:

Jamie Dornan warned fans not to expect a typical happy ending with this upcoming season. As he said in a recent press conference during his promo tours for upcoming films Anthropoid and The 9th Life of Louis Drax

"There's quite remarkable turns in the third season that I really genuinely think people won't see coming that are hugely exciting."

The final five episodes will bring to a close the dark duel — or duet if you see the series as a I do — between Gibson and Spector that has tantalized audiences in ways no one could have ever predicted. It's too bad we won't be seeing more of the series in the years to come, but that does fortunately mean the story will get a chance to close properly and give fans a satisfying finish. It also means Anderson will have more time on her hands to film the next season of The X-Files. I call that a win/win.

How do you feel about 'The Fall' coming to an end? Sound off in the comments section below.


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