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The twosome that cosplays together, stays together. These dynamic duos pull out all the stops to create some of the best couple costumes seen on the convention floor during Dragon Con this year.

1. Philip J. Fry And Leela — Futurama

Fry: You're smart, you're beautiful, and best of all, you'll go out with me?

Leela: Fry, please try to understand. You're a man, I'm a woman. We're just too different.

2. Princess Peach And Bowser — Super Mario Bros.

It's all fun and games until someone gets kidnapped.

3. Ash And Sheila — Army Of Darkness

Hail to the king, baby.

4. Jack Skellington And Sally — The Nightmare Before Christmas

"For it is plain as anyone could see, we're simply meant to be."

5. Dr. Alan Grant And Ellie Sattler — Jurassic Park

Complete with raptor arm candy and park passes!

6. Conan The Barbarian And Bêlit The Pirate Queen

This couple is the definition of swole.

7. Princess Serenity And Tuxedo Mask — Sailor Moon

You just know they're fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight.

8. Martian Girl And Martian — Mars Attacks!

Ack. Ack ack. Ack ack ACK! Quick! Where's Slim Whitman when you need him?!

9. Deadpool And... Deadpool

Clearly Deadpool's enough of an egomaniac to date himself.

10. Tammy II And Ron Swanson — Parks And Recreation

Every time she laughs, an angel dies.

11. Pepper Potts And Iron Man

Here's a little Pepper to go with that salty Stark.

12. John 'The Hangman' Ruth And Daisy Domergue — The Hateful Eight

The dastardly Daisy has finally met her match.

13. Cinderella And Prince Charming

We can only hope they made it home by midnight.

14. Lilo And Stitch

Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind. Bringing back all the emotions.

15. Gaston And Lefou — Beauty And The Beast

Complete with five-dozen eggs!

16. Jareth The Goblin King And Sarah — Labyrinth

Seriously, respect the bulge.

17. Mario And A Piranha Plant — Super Mario Bros.

Looks like Mario won't be escaping from this triffid.

18. Wayne And Garth — Wayne's World

This couple is definitely worthy. Party on!

19. Cyclops And Phoenix — X-Men

Scott and Jean always made for an X-cellent couple.

20. Ganondorf And Princess Zelda — The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Reppin' two thirds of the tri-force.

And The Worst Couple Cosplay Award Goes To:

Apparently this clueless couple argues that they were dressed up as the buildings from the video game Rampage and trying to make a joke regarding Adult Swim. Dragon Con believes that they did not actually purchase tickets to get into the convention. With the 15th anniversary of 9/11, there's just no accounting for stupid.

Here's Our Dragon Con Cosplay Couple Of The Year!

Husband and wife deadly duo: The Immortan Joe and the one that didn't get away.

Share your couple's cosplay costume with us!


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