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Have you ever been sitting at home in your bath robe wearing your pink bunny slippers, reading a strange book, ignoring all the haters calling you "too eccentric" or "strange" and thinking, I wish there were some sort of national holiday recognizing all of us weirdos? Rejoice, for there is such a day!

Being celebrated on September 9th of this year (that's today if you're reading this on Friday), weirdos all around the country will come together to bask in our collective oddity, including the movie characters to which we relate. More often than not, those characters have been brought to life by the king of weirdos himself, Tim Burton. Throughout his long career as a filmmaker, Sir Tim Burton (yes, he's actually a knight) has more than just dabbled on the weird side — his characters and stories have lived in it. In honor of Wonderful Weirdos Day, and the upcoming release of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, let's celebrate the six wackiest main characters to ever appear in a Tim Burton film.

6. Willy Wonka - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

Although nobody could ever play the eccentric character of Willy Wonka half as well as the dearly departed Gene Wilder, Johnny Depp brought to life a wildly different interpretation of the character that we have all grown to love. Not only does the candy loving man make some strange fashion choices, but his weirdness runs even deeper. He seeks to find the least rotten of all the children, but while doing so runs some questionable practices inside his factory. His oddities in behavior, business ethics, personality, ridiculous glasses, and all his other quirks marks him as one of the weirdest weirdos around.

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5. Emily - Corpse Bride (2005)

In one of the most underrated films in Burton's vault, Corpse Bride is a true showcase of everything Burton is good at. The creepy visuals, the stunning stop motion techniques, the riveting story line, the beautiful music (written by frequent Burton collaborator Danny Elfman), and the wacky characters all come together in glorious bliss to create a truly wonderful film. The bride herself is played by Helena Bonham Carter, the former Mrs. Tim Burton who has been in nearly as many Burton films as Johnny Depp (who is also in Corpse Bride). Emily was just a woman who wanted to find love, a woman who wanted to run away with the love of her life, but instead she ended up murdered in the forest with her jewels stolen from around her neck. Destined to be a bride for all eternity, Emily is a weirdo in every sense of the word.

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4. Jack Skellington - The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

If you're one of those people who asks the question, "Should you watch The Nightmare Before Christmas at Halloween or Christmas time?" the correct answer is you should watch it right now. It's never a bad time to watch this true Tim Burton classic. Jack Skellington is arguably not just one of the most recognizable Burton characters, but one of the most recognizable characters, period. Voiced by Chris Sarandon (singing voice by Danny Elfman), Jack Skellington is an odd man who becomes obsessed with the idea of Christmas. However, being the Pumpkin King and the very representation of Halloween makes Skellington's obsession strange, but can you really blame him? He's been surrounded by frightening images his entire life and his immortality means he'll be surrounded by Halloween for all time — the idea of spicing up his life a little bit with some wintry cheer isn't all that odd. Yet, this would be like if Santa Claus decided he wanted to be the Easter Bunny and got dressed up in a giant rabbit suit delivering eggs instead of Christmas presents. So an understandable weirdo, but a weirdo nonetheless.

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3. The Mad Hatter - Alice in Wonderland (2010) & Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016)

Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter
Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter

Did you really think I'd be able to make it through this list without including more than one Johnny Depp character? When discussing Tim Burton's characters it's impossible not to bring up his favorite actor. Johnny Depp is as synonymous with wacky characters as Tim Burton is. No matter what version of Alice in Wonderland you are most familiar with, the Mad Hatter is the biggest weirdo in all of Wonderland, which is pretty hard to do. As with all his roles in the Burtonverse, Johnny Depp brings a whole new layer of strange to the character and some how makes the character an even bigger weirdo. Personally, the Mad Hatter has always been one of my favorite characters from Wonderland, but maybe it's just because I see too much of myself in him.

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2. Betelgeuse - Beetlejuice (1988)

Despite being in a quite a few Burton films himself, Michael Keaton (whose birthday was also this month) is nowhere near the level of weirdness as Johnny Depp. However, that doesn't stop him from delivering one of the wackiest characters ever seen on the big screen. When it comes to strange characters in Tim Burton films, it doesn't get much stranger than Betelgeuse. He's an absolute freakshow! He's a character you can never decide if you find hilarious or creepy. Add that to the fact that he wanted to marry the teenage goth girl, Lydia, and things just keep getting stranger. Betelgeuse is a fantastic character, albeit a very odd one, but that's why we love him!

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1. Edward Scissorhands - Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Aha! You thought I was done with Johnny Depp, didn't you? I'll get tired of Johnny Depp as soon as Tim Burton does (which is probably never). Whenever I think of wacky Tim Burton characters, poor Edward Scissorhands is always the first to jump to mind. He's a misunderstand weirdo who is ostracized for his alternative hands. Yet, like all weirdos, Edward has a hidden talent that not many people know about. What might seem like an inconvenience to some, Ed's hands are actually the tools that enable him to carry out his passion of creating art. Edward isn't just super strange, he's incredibly relatable. For all of us weirdos out there, Edward is the kind of guy that we strive to be. He uses his weirdness for good and even when he's made fun of for being different, he never gives up on being himself — kind of like Depp himself (even though, sadly, being himself has gotten him into some serious trouble lately). If that isn't beautiful, I don't know what is.

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In a world full of wonderful weirdos, it's good to see Tim Burton representing strangeness, oddities, and quirks in a way that makes us love the characters for being different. Let's go out and celebrate our weirdness this Wonderful Weirdos Day and remember all of the other wonderful wacky characters that didn't make this list (for there are far too many to include in one listicle). If you don't happen to be a weirdo yourself, though let's be honest everybody has a little bit of weirdo in them, then go find your favorite neighborhood weirdo and make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them for always making your life that much more interesting.

What wacky Tim Burton character is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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