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No one else has had quite the career as the cultural phenomenon that is Lady Gaga. She's brought together the best of us in the worst of times and has spread her love of exploration in music to the masses all over the world. She's become a staple in American culture and is one of the most promising artists of the modern age. She's been honored several times during her career, often as a champion of LGBT rights and as an artist young women can look to for guidance and self-empowerment.

YouTuber Stephen Rosado has compiled clips of Gaga's one of a kind career in a short but sweet video. It includes clips from some of Gaga's most notable pop hits such as 'Bad Romance,' 'Poker Face,' 'Born This Way' and her Beyonce duet 'Telephone.' The clip also shows off some of Gaga's other endeavors such as her breathtaking tribute to David Bowie, her performance in American Horror Story: Hotel and the performance of her Oscar-nominated ballad, 'Til It Happens To You.' You can check it out below:

Quite the ride it's been for the Golden Globe winner so far. And yet I believe we've still only been exposed to the tip of this mighty iceberg.

'Perfect Illusion' Release Date: Friday, September 9

Gaga's been teasing fans on Twitter and Facebook with clips of her upcoming music video paired with the release of her new single. While 'Perfect Illusion' has yet to hit radio waves or be released for public purchase, it's already making headway as a chart topper by debuting atop the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks weeks before the song is even released.

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Gaga has come so far and thankfully has so much further she can go. She's a hero to so many and beloved by millions, including her rabid fan base known as her "Little Monsters." On Wednesday, September 14th, we'll see Gaga return to TV screens in Ryan Murphy's latest addition to his hit anthology series, American Horror Story. In 2017, Gaga will team with Bradley Cooper for his directorial debut of A Star Is Born, where she'll not only be co-starring but contributing some new material to the soundtrack as well.

We certainly have a lot to look forward to in the coming months as Lady Gaga returns to take her rightful place among the reigning queens of pop music. And while her forthcoming album has yet to even have an official title, her loyal fans will undoubtedly stand by her side as she moves into this new and exciting stage of her life and career.

To quote Taylor Swift, "Is it just me or is Lady Gaga really living right now?"


What's your favorite moment in Lady Gaga's career?


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